Valdamark’s Heat Sealing Machine Products and Flexible Packaging Solutions.

Since 1977, Valdamark has been the go-to name for businesses requiring industry leading heat sealing solutions. Evolving from a tapes and adhesives converter, we expanded into the packaging industry, delivering time-critical services and building a reputation for client commitment. Today, we offer a diverse range of high-quality heat sealing machines to cater to unique needs and budgets. Whether you seek manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated models, Valdamark has the perfect fit for your specific application.

Remember, no two clients are the same, and our "quality-centric" approach ensures you receive reliable and long-lasting machines to seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Heat Sealing Machine Core Use:

  • Best in class heat sealing machine equipment. No matter what the requirement we probably stock a sealer to suit you.
  • Made to order foil packaging, with an emphasis on moisture barrier foil and film.
  • Foil flat bags, pouches, gusset bags, side gusset bags, FIBC liners, box bags, tube bags, sheets and rolls to name but a few of our available formats.

  • Specialities:

    • Moisture damage and corrosion prevention solutions, focusing around our core range of Aluminium Barrier Laminates.
    • Unrivalled converting and finishing services that give us a flexible approach to each new inquiry.
    • A large range of consumables from premium brands.
    • Best in class flexible packaging solutions.
  • Commitment:

    Shop our expansive E-Commerce platform for specialist protective packaging, conveniently available in rolls, sheets, and standard-sized foil bags.

    These high-performance moisture barrier solutions meet international standards and are perfect for safeguarding your valuable goods during transport and storage. Explore our extensive selection of accompanying products for a complete packaging solution.

  • Featured Product

    Cortec VpCI® 126, the #1 VpCI® film, guards your metals for 5 years against even harsh marine air. This high-performance solution shields from oxidation and white rust too, offering unparalleled protection for your valuable assets. Invest in peace of mind, choose VpCI 126®.

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Cortec corrosion solutions are world renowned throughout industries across the globe. A market leader in innovative, eco-friendly VpCI® and MCI® corrosion control technologies. Cortec focuses on delivering cost effective, fully integrated corrosion solutions for a diverse range of industries and sectors. Packaging, oil and gas, electrical, construction and metal work/fabrication are just a few of the applications for these products.

In addition to VCI packaging solutions Cortec’s corrosion inhibitor technology is widely considered to be a ‘best in class’ product both in terms of performance but also because of the impressive environmental credentials achieved by Cortec. The high performance and organic nature of their product portfolio is unrivalled in the corrosion prevention market.

As a Cortec corporation distributor Valdamark offers full dealer & support services, much of the range is available from stock here in the UK. For projects that may require a bespoke or flexible packaging solution please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Corrosion X

Formerly known as the Corrosion Technologies Corporation this Dallas based company manufactures a world beating range of anti-corrosion products used in a huge variety of industrial and domestic applications.

Incorporating the latest innovations including polar bonding technology and fluid thin film coating products like Corrosion X™, Rejex™, Reelex ™and Speedex™ continue to outperform the competition for all corrosion treatment and removal application.

Daubert Cromwell

Daubert Cromwell is a leading company in corrosion prevention. They specialise in products called Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs), which protect metal parts from rust and damage.

These VCI products come in various forms:

Thin, plastic films: Imagine wrapping your precious metal parts in a special shield that fights off rust. That's what VCI films do!

Paper sheets: Similar to the films, VCI papers are infused with protective chemicals and can be used to layer between metal parts or line boxes.

Tiny emitters: Think of these as air fresheners for metals! They release VCI vapors into enclosed spaces, creating a protective cloud.

Specialty liquids: For direct application, VCI liquids can be brushed or sprayed onto metal surfaces for targeted protection.

No matter the industry, from cars to airplanes, Daubert Cromwell's VCI solutions work by creating a barrier on the metal, stopping moisture and oxygen, the bad guys causing rust, in their tracks.


Hawo were established in 1975 and are considered a world leader in packaging machine systems and heat sealing machine technology. Innovation and quality are at the core of the business with products. Hawo conform to the requirements of a number of international standards including EN ISO 11607-2, EN 868, DIN 58953.

Hawo are certified in accordance with IS0 9001:2008 with all machinery carrying the CE sign as standard.


Founded in 1975 as the Shockwatch brand developed the world renowned Shockwatch Labels for monitoring the handling and transportation of sensitive computer equipment.

Shockwatch™ shipping solutions allow you to take control of your goods in transit. Focusing on preventing mishandling throughout the transportation and storage processes Shockwatch products focus on maintaining a client’s reputation for quality and reliability.

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