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Cortec VpCI® 386 Water Based Acrylic Topcoat

Cortec VpCI® 386 Water Based Acrylic Topcoat

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Cortec VpCI®-386 is a fast drying water based acrylic topcoat that offers outstanding multi-metal corrosion protection in the harshest of outdoor conditions.

Weldable and UV resistant this formula can be applied direct to metal for easy application.


Cortec VpCI 386 coating is a water based acrylic topcoat providing unbeatable corrosion protection in harsh, unsheltered, outdoor environments.

Cortec VpCI 386 coating is a fast drying acrylic one coat system designed for use in the most challenging outdoor conditions. The patented formula contains the world renowned VpCI preservation technology to ensure enhanced, long term, multi-metal corrosion protection.

This complex mixture can compete with the performance of most paints and zinc based primers. In addition VpCI 386 displays excellent UV resistance and can also be used to keep surfaces corrosion free before welding work. This VpCI coating can even be matched to most custom colours.

How to Apply Cortec VpCI 386 Coating

Ensure surface substrate is free from grease, oil, dirt and fingerprints as well as drawing materials and any other rust treatments that could disrupt the application. When using this product on a production line we recommend you use VpCI 440 or another similar pre treatments. Where structural steel applications are concerned Cortec recommends a minimum of NACE #3/ SSPC-SPP6 for commercial blast cleaning. Consult with Valdamark and/or test the system adhesion prior to it’s application.

A wash primer liquid such as VpCI® 373 applied at 0.5-1.0 mils (12.5-25 micron) is advised prior to applying the VpCI 386 to aluminium, galvanised or plated substrates. For other coatings it is important to check compatibility first.

Note: Make sure dew point is more than 5°F (2°C) less than air temperature for application. Power agitate to a uniform consistency using a “squirrel cage” type mixer, hand-held drill mixer, or other equivalent method. VpCI®-386 can be applied by spray, roll, brush, or dip.

Typical Equipment Setups When Applying Cortec VpCI® 386

HVLP / Conventional Spray

  • Tip .009”-.021” *dependent upon pressures and viscosity.
  • Air Pressure 45-55 psi.
  • Fluid Pressure 10 psi.
  • Fluid hose should be 3/8” (0.95 cm) I.D. with a maximum length of 50 feet (15.2 m). Pot should always have dual regulation and be kept at same elevation as spray gun.

Air Assisted Airless / Airless

  • Tip .015”-.035” *dependent upon pressures and viscosity.
  • Pressure 1800-2500 psi.
  • Hose should be 3/8” (0.95 cm) I.D. minimum, but a ¼”.
  • (0.64 cm) I.D. whip end section may be used for ease of application. A maximum length of 100 feet (30.5 m) is suggested.


Clean tools/equipment immediately after use with water when paint is still wet. When dry, use Butyl Cellusolve or MEK.

  • Follow mfg’s safety recommendations when using any solvent.
  • NSN 8030-01-481-8897.

Packaging & Storage

VpCI®-386 is available in 5 gallon (19 litre) pails, 55 gallon (208liter) metal drums, liquid totes, and bulk.

Keep product from freezing (unless using winterised version).

Product shelf life is 1 year.

Product Specifications (.PDF)

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