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Multisorb MiniPax® Sorbent Packets. Pre Cut Silica Gel Packet Sizes

Multisorb MiniPax® Sorbent Packets. Pre Cut Silica Gel Packet Sizes

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MiniPax® Sorbent for compact, high performance desiccant silica gel packets for protecting sensitive foods and medical devices.

Available in a range of sizes they come complete with a Type III Drug Master File and only use FDA 21 CFR compliant materials.


MiniPax Sorbent are compact, individual desiccant packets ideal for hand insertion type projects.

MiniPax sorbent packets are designed to take up as little space as possible whilst retaining a high moisture absorption capacity. They are a durable product that is non-dusting and comes in a variety of formulas and sizes to meet a clients exact requirements. They can be incorporated in a wide range of packaging applications in particular manual, hand packaging operations.

Efficient MiniPax Sorbent Design

MiniPax are constructed using a robust uncoated Tyvek®. This fiberous, durable materia is world renowned for it’s strength properties. Multisorb Minipax feature a high tear and puncture resistance in every direction. As they are virtually puncture proof the risk of leakage and contamination is considerably reduced.

MiniPax silica gel remain unaffected by water and moisture contamination as the profile remains as strong wet as it does when dry. Rot and mildew are non-issues with MiniPax.

A high water vapour transmission rate is an essential feature of MiniPax moisture absorbing packets. Tyvek is a porous material that allows for a high MVTR rate, the porosity of the material is also closely monitored during manufacture allowing us to ensure consistent, optimal quality. This practice eliminates any variables in the handling time for individual MiniPax.

MiniPax® Absorbent Packets

MiniPax essentially allow moisture in but prevent the sorbent material inside the packet from leaking out. The Tyvek breathable membrane material is dense and wound tight forming a tight barrier to particulate the matter and prevent dusting.

In addition they feature an abrasion resistant coating which does not form lint.

The packets themselves are also chemically inert and can be safely used in food and healthcare applications. For projects involving foodstuffs consider an oxygen absorber using Multisorb FreshPax instead.

MiniPax silica gel are supported by a Type III Drug Master File as well as only use FDA 21 CFR compliant materials making the packets suitable for use in regulated product packaging.

MiniPax Sorbent Uses

  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Food packaging.
  • Medical devices.
  • Precision parts.
  • Diagnostics equipment.
  • Electronics.


  • Superior performance through increased capacity.
  • High strength construction, medical grade Tyvek®.
  • High water vapour transmission rate and optimal porosity.
  • Design does not dust or lint.
  • Complete with a Type III Drug Master File.
  • Uses only FDA 21 CFR compliant materials.

A versatile product to meet a variety of needs

MiniPax sorbent packets are available in both indicating and non-indicating versions. The indicating version allows for visual inspection through a integrated transparent inspection window strip which shows clearly when capacity has been exhausted and desiccant should be changed.

Blue indicating minipax are not designed for use with food or pharmaceutical products.

It is possible to have MiniPax made with a choice of formulas and desiccant blends. Where moisture and odor are both concerns the desiccant compounds can be adapted to suit.

MiniPax are available in sizes ranging from 0.25grm to larger 28grm capacities.

Alternatively take a look at other products in the range including StriPax Sorbent and NatraSorb Desiccant Silica Gel for focussed protection.

Available stock sizes:

  • 0.25grm 16 x 21mm (3000 pcs carton).
  • 0.50grm 16 x 27mm (2000 pcs carton).
  • 1.00grm 19 x 36mm (1000 pcs carton).
  • 1.00grm 19 x 36mm Blue/Pink Indicating (1000 pcs carton).
  • 2.00grm 22 x 45mm (600 pcs carton).
  • 2.00grm 22 x 45mm Blue/Pink Indicating (600 pcs carton).
  • 3.5grm 25 x 49mm (400 pcs carton).
  • 14grm 79 x 38mm (120 pcs carton).


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