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Barrier Foil Rolls VAL55HD Moistop Rolls

Barrier Foil Rolls VAL55HD Moistop Rolls

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The Barrier Foil Rolls VAL55HD Moistop Rolls are our most popular and versatile heat sealable foil.

Ideal when used as packaging for export, transport, conservation and storage this material offers outstanding barrier properties with a tough but flexible ‘5 layer’ construction. Meets current EU, BIR and FDA guidelines as well as military defence standard DIN55.
  • Conforms with DEF STAN 81-147 (formerly DEF STAN 81-75)
For MIL-PRF-131 K Class 1 Military Packaging look here.. We hold pre cut 1.0mtr, 1.25mtr & 1.50 mtr rolls in stock. Standard lengths are 200 linear mtr but a custom slit and rewind service is available.

Barrier Foil Rolls

These commercial grade barrier foil rolls displays some impressive performance characteristics. A sophisticated 5 layer laminate combines complimentary materials. This forms the ‘barrier’.

This is designed to protect goods from atmospheric and physical pressures.

It’s a highly durable and robust material. Thanks in part to the excellent bond strength between each of the laminated materials.

The tear and puncture resistance are good.

Seal strength is excellent. When hermetically sealed the foil retains a low moisture vapor transmission rate. An optimal environment for sensitive items.

It’s remains flexible and is easy to manoeuvre over products of most dimensions. The Aluminium, PE and PET layers make for an easy seal, with impressive strength properties.

This packaging is delivered in various different roll widths. Mainly supplied as 200mtr linear log rolls for your convenience.

Clients can then convert material themselves to the desired dimensions. This allows you to tailor your barrier foil packaging to the demands of the product.

Ideal if you have varying quantities and sizes.

Using Barrier Foil Rolls

  • This heat sealable foil is ideally suited for packaging sensitive items. When used commercially we see a wide variety of compatibility. Usually anything which is moisture sensitive and needs protection. Either during transport and storage.
  • Powders, granules and precision parts. As well as general components and sensitive electrical items.
  • Most export goods can benefit from the protection of this packaging.
  • Requires heat sealing with a compound foil bag sealer. Seal 2-3 seconds at 210°c.
  • We advise you use these barrier foil rolls with one of our desiccant products. This ensures optimal conditions for moisture sensitive products.
  • For more information on calculation visit our desiccant calculator.
  • Warning – Please take note this material should be handled and used by appropriately trained professionals.

Technical Data

  • Commercial Grade Metal Foil Laminate. Constructed of micron. 12чm PET, 12чm PE, 7чm Alu, 20чm PE, 60чm HDPE.
  • This alu foil packaging can be supplied in both pet/alu/pe & pet/alu/lldpe constructions.
  • Not intended for use outside temperatures -40°C to +70°C
  • DIN 53 approved.

Delivery Time

2-3 Working Days

Take a look at our heat sealer guide for more information on foil bag sealing.

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