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Cortec MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film

Cortec MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film

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MilCorr Shrink Film can safeguard your valuable assets from corrosion and environmental damage. This exceptional shrink film incorporates advanced inhibitors from corrosions and UV lights.

It also has additives that protects your items from flame or fire. Cortec developed vapor phase inhibitors that are compatible with various metals.

The shrink film offers a superior alternative that saves you valuable time and money. With this innovative solution, you don’t need cleaning or degreasing before using the parts protected inside.

The shrink film with VpCI can protect your metals against humidity, aggressive industrial elements, salt air, corrosion between dissimilar metals and other harsh conditions. The inhibitors (VCIs) present in the film vaporise immediately upon contact. It reaches every nook and cranny of the parts. It protects the void spaces, exterior and recessed areas.

Features of Shrink Film

MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film is a remarkable packaging solution that offers an array of advanced features for optimal protection and preservation. This high-performance shrink film is specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of various industries.

UV Protection

One of the standout features of MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film is its exceptional UV protection, making it ideal for outdoor storage applications. It shields valuable items from harmful ultraviolet rays, ensuring their longevity and preventing damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Excellent Flame Retardancy

Furthermore, the film boasts excellent flame retardancy, enhancing its safety credentials in various environments. This characteristic not only protects the contents from potential fire hazards but also adds an extra layer of security during storage and transportation.

Multiple Metal Compatibility

MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film takes corrosion inhibition to a whole new level with its multimetal capabilities. It offers comprehensive protection through contact, barrier, and vapor-phase corrosion inhibition, safeguarding metals from deterioration caused by humidity, moisture, and aggressive elements.

In addition to its protective features, this shrink film exhibits superior mechanical properties. It can withstand rigorous handling and adverse conditions without compromising the integrity of the packaged items.

Versatile Shrink Film

The film's versatility is another significant advantage, as it can be easily shrunk using a wide variety of shrink tools, including electric and propane heat welding guns. This flexibility streamlines the packaging process, allowing for efficient and consistent results.

MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film excels in providing a unitised, tight, and tamper-proof load. By securely sealing and encapsulating the contents, it prevents unauthorised access and tampering.

Perfect for Outdoor Protection

For outdoor storage and export shipments, this shrink film is a game-changer. It offers an additional layer of protection against environmental elements, ensuring the items remain intact and unharmed throughout their journey.

The film's effectiveness in severe outdoor climates is a testament to its durability and resilience. Whether facing extreme temperatures, humidity, or other harsh conditions, it consistently maintains its performance, safeguarding the packaged goods.


One of the standout benefits of MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film is its convenience. Once the protected object is removed from the packaging, it can be immediately used without any cleaning or preparation. This time-saving advantage is especially valuable in industries where quick access to protected items is crucial.

Instructions for Application

  1. Begin by measuring the required unit and calculating the amount of film needed, ensuring a minimum overlap of 12 inches at all seams.
  2. Arrange the film in your chosen preparation area, ensuring the area is clean and dry.
  3. Position the vehicle or equipment on the film.
  4. Take precautions by padding off any sharp edges and corners.
  5. Proceed to wrap or shroud the equipment securely with the film.
  6. Use shrink tape to fasten any loose ends onto the film or equipment.
  7. Apply heat with care to shrink the film and achieve the desired fit.

Common Uses

  • Preserving military vehicles and equipment
  • Protecting industrial equipment during mothball storage
  • Safeguarding expensive larger equipment during export packaging
  • Using heavy equipment covers
  • Preserving recreational vehicles such as boats and snowmobiles
  • Applying pallet shrouds

Packaging and Storage:

MilCorr FR VpCI Shrink Film comes in a regular dimension of 20' x 210' x 0.010" (6.1 x 64.1m x 250 microns). For different sizes and variations, kindly reach out to a Cortec Representative. The film is typically white in colour. To maintain its quality, store the film indoors at room temperature and ensure it remains sealed in its original packaging. When stored under these conditions, the shelf life can extend up to 24 months.

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