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Cortec ElectriCorr VpCI® 248 Circuit Board Protective Coating & Cleaner 12 oz / 340grm Spray Cans

Cortec ElectriCorr VpCI® 248 Circuit Board Protective Coating & Cleaner 12 oz / 340grm Spray Cans

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ElectriCorr VpCI®-248® is a high performance circuit board protective coating and cleaner that is perfect for protecting sensitive electrical parts and components from corrosion damage.

Available in convenient 12 oz / 340 grm aerosol Spray Cans.


ElectriCorr® VpCI 248 is a ‘best in class’ circuit board protective coating & cleaner designed for use in sheltered environments.

A high performance solution VpCI 248 utilises the patented Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology from Cortec Corporation. This sophisticated formula reduces bottom line costs by extending product shelf lives whilst eliminating costly downtime caused by corrosion problems.

VpCI 248 works to form a molecular barrier layer that protects treated surfaces from the aggressive conditions that may be encountered in marine, industrial and tropical environments. The protective barrier layer does not alter electrical, resistance or magnetic properties.

VpCI 248 can even be used to protect low voltage circuits and relays without causing any changes in conductivity. As well as providing market leading corrosion protection VpCI 248 can also be used as an excellent electrical contact cleaner that is effective against all the usual contamination culprits including oils and dirt.

The performance of VpCI 248 is further enhanced by it’s effectiveness against galvanic corrosion on most and alloys typically found in electrical components and circuitry. All ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminium and copper can be treated with 248 to provide instant corrosion protection.

The 248 formula is thermally stable, non-flammable and based on environmentally sustainable flurocarbon solvents, completely exempt from US EPA VOC regulations.

Features of ElectriCorr® VpCI 248® Circuit Board Protective Coating Spray

  • Non flammable.
  • Provides instant corrosion protection.
  • Keeps working into the long term.
  • Field service requirements are minimal.
  • Superior corrosion protection at a reduced cost compared to traditional/legacy protective coatings.
  • Free from CFC and 1,1,1, Trichlorethanes.
  • Not listed as ODP, MAP or SARA reportable.
  • Carrier solvents are exempt from US EPA VOC regulations.
  • Vapour phase inhibitor technology works well in both vented and unvented enclosures.
  • Can be used as a cleaning or defluxing solution.
  • Sophisticated moisture displacement and penetrating film characteristics.

Application for VpCI 248®

  • Effective for both general and precision cleaning work.
  • Printed circuit board protective coating.
  • Electrical switches, contacts and components.
  • Electric motors.
  • Effective when used on copper bearings.
  • Generators & junction boxes.
  • Can be used following final assembly or in the field.

VpCI 248 can be used in conjunction with other Cortec packaging products. Try misting 248 within a Cortec VpCI bag enclosure before heat sealing. Or use in co-operation with EcoSonic® ESD Anti Static Paper for a complete electronics packaging solution.

Packaging & Storage

VpCI 248 is available in a convenient 12 oz. (340 gram) aerosol spray can.

Keep away from high temperatures storing in normal ambient warehouse conditions in order to prevent contents freezing.

VpCI 248 has a shelf life of 3 years when kept in a sealed package.


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