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Daubert Cromwell VCI Paper Sheets and Films - MasterShield®

Daubert Cromwell VCI Paper Sheets and Films - MasterShield®

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Valdamark offer a wide range of market leading Metal Guard ® & Master Shield ® VCI Paper Sheets and films.

Available both in roll and sheet format they feature a patented ‘best in class’ VCI Corrosion inhibitor formula.

Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit any application, you can rest assured your metal fabrications are being protected by the best with Metal Guard® & Master Shield®.

Our VCI Paper Sheets and rolls have been designed to protect metals being shipped and stored over long periods.

The Metal Guard® VCI film construction is a superior, multi faceted volatile corrosion inhibitor for the protection of ferrous and non- ferrous metals in the supply chain. A mixture of extruded LDPE low density polyethylene and a ‘best in class’ VCI formula give goods superior protection.

The Master Shield ® Kraft paper construction is a great packaging for protecting Ferrous Metals against the harms that corrosion causes in the supply chain.

How does VCI Paper work ?

VCI Stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. These VCI Paper sheets use a sophisticated surface neutralisation mechanism. In a state of equilibrium the VCI Corrosion Inhibitor will adhere to the surface of the metal when deposited. This then protects the product until the formula is manually removed with either a water spray or compressed air.

This VCI Corrosion inhibitor is unlike cheaper alternatives in that it will regenerate itself by drawing on the remnants of the formula within the VCI atmosphere contained within the enclosure.

We recommend that you oil or grease the products before they are packaged. Corrosion Inhibitors work by being magnetized to the charged surface of the lubricated metal. This polar orientation means the majority of the VCI molecules align onto the metal surface.

Important – In order for these molecules to work most efficiently the clearance between the metal product and the VCI Paper should not exceed 300 mm.

When the product reaches the end of its journey and is removed from the VCI packaging the VCI formula will evaporate without trace. So there is no residue on the product leaving your end user free to use immediately.

VCI Paper Sheets

Generally speaking VCI film is considered to be a superior product to Paper.

To begin with it is stronger. Most VCI film has a thicker density to its paper counterpart, although not always.

As it contains a LDPE film this means it can be easily converted into other formats like 3D box bags and 2D flat bags. This also makes it an easier product to work with for large or awkward sized items.

VCI film and VCI Bags tend to be easier to close with a impulse heat sealer too.

What is VCI Paper used for ?

VCI Paper rolls are mainly used to protect metals against corrosion during shipping and storage. This is true particular when goods are being exported and will face the hazards of corrosion in the supply chain.

Corrosion damage can be caused by: 

  • Air – this includes oxygen, humidity, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and general emissions.
  • Water – Saltwater, seawater and chlorine based water.
  • Acids – Caustic based formulas, grease removers, galvanic liquids and various other acids.
  • Dust – Dampness is attracted by dust and dirt. This binds corrosive contaminants.
  • Perspiration – Yes it really does! Sweat from hands and body contain corrosion catalysts.

VCI corrosion inhibitors are just as effective when used at manufacturing and warehousing stages. If products can lie idle at stages of the manufacturing process or are vulnerable to corrosion damage regardless, then VCI Paper is an excellent preventative measure.

Important – VCI Paper sheets are intended for use by appropriately trained trades people. Use VCI in a well ventilated area only. Always wash hands before and after use to avoid contamination. Not suitable for food packaging.

What are the advantages of VCI Corrosion Protection

  • Easy to use – You do not need to use this with an oil coating.
  • Low cost – Saves on labor costs. No special disposal process.
  • Simple application – There is no need to use a solvent or degrease product on the surface.
  • Eco Friendly – Easy disposal, can be thermally recycled.

How long does VCI Paper last ?

We recommend you keep this product in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not store outdoors or in a high humidity environment. Temperatures exceeding 27 degrees Celsius.

If stored properly in its original packaging VCI can be utilized for up to 5 years.

VCI Film provides 6 months of protection when used outdoors.

When used indoors VCI Film and paper gives a period of 24 months of substantial protection.

Choosing the right VCI Product

VCI Packaging ultimately has to meet the unique corrosion protection requirements of the user. Whether it be a metal fabricator, shipper, or end user.

Our VCI Paper sheets feature:

  • This product only uses 100% virgin kraft paper
  • Completely odourless, recyclable and non-toxic
  • PH Neutral
  • Fast acting
  • Easy to work with

When choosing VCI Paper consider the type of metal being protected. We supply market leading formulas for the following applications :

  • Ferrous metals. As well as this consider if your VCI paper needs to be approved to military specification. Contact us for more details.
  • Layered metals that contain both ferrous and non ferrous combinations.
  • Specialty metals such as Silver, copper and aluminium.

It is important to consider the weight and dimensions of the product you are protecting. As a general rule larger or more awkward shapes and sizes will require a heavier grade VCI Film or barrier foil to maximise protection.

Top tips for working with VCI Film and Paper

  • As a general rule one square meter of VCI Corrosion Inhibitor is enough to protect 1 – 3 square meters of surface area on metal. For packaging space this equals one cubic meter.
  • Where items are of higher bulk density we recommend the use of additional products (like VCI emitters ) to be placed at the centre of the mass.
  • Consider the temperature of the items being packed. Make sure it is equal to the ambient temperature.
  • Make sure the packaging is closed securely and tightly. VCI should not come into contact with water
  • Do not mix different VCI compounds and formulas in the same packaging. This will avoid unwanted interactions.
  • Take preoccupations to keep VCI from coming into contact with wood, paper and corrugated items. This will avoid contamination.Keep a maximum distance of 300mm between the VCI layer and metal surface.

Its also important to remember when using VCI Film and Paper

  • Package items as soon as they are clean and dry.
  • Use gloves in order to avoid leaving fingerprints on the metal.
  • The lifespan of VCI packaging is strongly influenced by how much additional protection is used in conjunction. You may want to consider one of our aluminium foil packaging products to ensure optimal protection during transport and storage.
  • The atmosphere created by the VCI corrosion inhibitor usually takes 24 hrs to reach optimal levels. Temperature depending.
  • As our VCI continues to work and regenerate itself, you can open the enclosure briefly for inspection purposes.
  • Metal components should be packaged in a airtight room. Low humidity is very important for creating an ambient temperature. To avoid condensation the surface temperature of the metal components should be equal or more than that of the ambient temperature of your packing area.
  • Avoid gas, dirt and other corrosive elements to avoid contamination.
  • Our VCI products can be used immediately.

VCI Paper Sheets or Rolls ?

We offer our 70gsm MasterShield construction in either roll format or as custom cut VCI Paper sheets.

This is suitable for most projects that require a VCI Corrosion Inhibitor to protect metal fabrications.

The advantage with the log roll is that the client can cut the sheet to size. Ideal when dealing with parts of varying sizes.

VCI Paper sheets are of course pre cut and convenient when used on large projects or those where the product is repeatedly the same size.

Most clients will opt for sheet format as it can significantly speed up the packaging time.

For more information on VCI paper sheets or custom requirements contact us today.

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