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Hawo HM 460 AS-V & HM 660 AS-V Validatable Impulse Sealers

Hawo HM 460 AS-V & HM 660 AS-V Validatable Impulse Sealers

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The Hawo hm 460 AS-V & hm 660 AS-V are market leading validatable impulse sealer for the heat sealing of sterile barrier pouches and reels.

Like the HPL 460, 660 & 1000 AS impulse bag sealer machines the Hawo HM platform features a convenient foot pedal operation as well as a magnetic locking mechanism with a cutting knife. This makes them ideal machines for constant sealing work.

The machine is designed to be compatible with heat sealable pouches and reels (SBS packaging materials). This makes the Hawo HM 460 & 660 perfect for use in hospitals and sterile packaging environments.

The device features an intuitive control panel that makes menu navigation and data programming extremely easy.

In addition the machine can also be used in conjunction with the Hawo IntelligentScan

These machines are able to seal a variety of medical products including medical devices as well as other medical items including implants, pharmaceuticals and sensitive industrial products.

This machine conforms in full to the BS EN ISO 11607-2 2019 testing requirements as well as ISO 16775. (sterile packaging validation)

HAWO hm Flexibility & Performance

This Hawo sealer range includes a number of additional features to help ensure safe and user friendly heat sealing work.

As standard these machines feature a 8mm (0.03 inch) width seal seam with a variable process settings option that offers maximum versatility when choosing different packaging materials.

Compatible with materials such as:

  • Polymers such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyolefins and PVC constructions.
  • Sealable pouches as prescribed under EN 868-4.
  • Sealable paper/plastic bags & reels.
  • Non woven materials (uncoated) as prescribed under EN 868-9.
  • Polyolefines non woven materials coated with adhesives.
  • All types of aluminium laminates.

Safe Operation of the hm 460 AS-V & hm 660 AS-V machines

  • Data input and machine programming is easy via the sophisticated control panel. Can be further enhanced with the Intelligent Scan system or SealCom Pro communication panel module.
  • Can also be equipped with Hawo’s ProDoc software for the legal archiving and secure recording of the sealing cycle.
  • The machines can be further customised with additional options such as storage trays and table stands.

These sealers are available in two bar widths at 450mm & 630mm respectively.


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