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VAL70NW Heavy Gauge Polyester Non-Woven Laminated Foil Rolls

VAL70NW Heavy Gauge Polyester Non-Woven Laminated Foil Rolls

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The is a heavy duty Polyester based Aluminium barrier foil. Ideal when used for protecting valuable and sensitive goods in the supply chain.

Not only does it display an extremely high tear and puncture resistance, but also the lowest water vapour transmission rate of all our materials.

This high performance makes it perfect for use in export, transport, freight and storage. Particularly when used as export packaging for larger or awkwardly sized items like heavy machinery.

  • Meets international defence standards 81-75/2 as well as MIL-PRF-131J.

Laminated Aluminium Barrier Foil

This VAL70 heavy duty aluminium barrier foil is renowned for if’s durability and ability to cope with harsh conditions in the supply chain. At nearly twice the weight per M2 than any other foil it displays class leading tensile and tear strengths.

The sophisticated design includes the core aluminium layer as well as an LDPE coating and non woven polyester backing. These layers adhere well and compliment each other to create barrier film that copes well with physical and chemical pressures.

The very low moisture vapor transmission rate is excellent for shipping sensitive goods that may require storage at the end of their journey. Clients have reported goods being un packaged in factory condition after years in storage with this material.

We offer standard roll sizes for this product in a 1.0mtr and 1.5 mtr width both supplied in 100mtr linear log rolls. Often however custom bags will be required due the large and awkward product dimensions that are often seen with industrial packaging.

Using Laminated Aluminium Barrier Foil

This heavy duty industrial packaging is ideally suited at protecting machinery when shipped. Aluminium barrier foil will protect Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Iron and copper. Often we see projects involving heavy duty machinery, precision components, moisture sensitive equipment and electronics.

Meets international standards DEF STAN 81-75 as well as MIL-PRF-131 K class 1.

When shipping we advise this barrier foil is used combined with one of our desiccant products. This will ensure optimal conditions for products sensitive to corrosion. For information on how to calculate desiccant for shipping visit our calculator page.

Warning – Intended for use only by the trade and appropriately trained professionals only.

This product requires Heat sealing with a aluminium barrier foil sealer for 2-3 seconds at 200°c.

Laminated Aluminium Barrier Foil – Technical Data

Aluminium barrier foil constructed of (micron) PET Non Woven 90g, LDPE Coating 45g, 12чm Alu, LDPE Film 73g

Lead Time

2 – 3 Working Days.

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