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Hawo HM 950 DC-V NanoPak® Medical Pouch Heat Sealer

Hawo HM 950 DC-V NanoPak® Medical Pouch Heat Sealer

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Hawo HM 950 DC-V NanoPak® next generation, medical pouch heat sealer for the closing of pouches and reels in accordance with ISO 11607-2 & ISO 16775 packaging for terminally sterilised medical devices.

The Hawo HM 950 NanoPak® medical pouch heat sealer is a ‘best in class’ machine platform that is superior to all it’s predecessors.

This new medical pouch heat sealer from Hawo GMBH is superior to all other platforms in terms of offering a smart operation, complete digitalisation, network-ability and sustainability that reflects the spirit of industry 4.0.

The NanoPak® design is a product of Hawo’s generation easy, an award winning design series that focussed on the strict standards required in the likes of surgery, hospital & CSSD (central sterile services department) environments. The machines functions adheres to the strictest safety guidelines whilst the aesthetics and robust nature of the machine itself is optimal for this kind of sealing work.

The NanoPak comes in a stainless steel finish as well as colour options including white, matt black and orange.

NanoPak® Medical Pouch Heat Sealer

  • Conforms with the latest requirements of the World Health Organisation (WHO) sterile packaging standards as well as the WFHSS guidelines recently published.
  • Validatable heat sealer in accordance with EN ISO 11607 part 2 and ISO 16775.
  • Complete with built in, integrated printed & FontMatic stick.
  • Data can be transferred using a USB stick.
  • Sophisticated touch screen.

Features of the hm 950 NanoPak®

AppCtrl™ Touch Screen – The NanoPak is Hawo’s most powerful medical pouch sealer machine. It is fitted with a high end processor that ensures the machine keeps performing and delivering results. The AppCtrl touch screen uses a Linux operating system which combined lead to a very attractive, easy to use interface. Instrument and programming functions can be programmed and recalled in a flash. Carrying out validation is easy and can be done at the push of a button with lists saved storing different sealing parameters, printer setting and orders.

  • DocLink™ Communications – easily link your batch documentation processes with NanoPak. DocLink has USB A/B & RS 232 interface. The platform is also network compatible with the additional ethernet cable.
  • DataMatic™ USB Data Transfer – by using the DataMatic technology all data can be saved to a standard USB drive.
  • SizeMatic™ – Measuring Bag Length – NanoPak is the first rotary heat sealer to feature the SizeMatic function. Where sterilisation pouches are too long or short is no longer an issue as the optional scanner and scale allows the user to upload the dimensions of a device. The optimal bag length is then automatically calculated and results displayed on the screen panel.
  • FontMatic™ – Printing – The integrated NanoPak printer not only prints informational text but also bar codes too. Select this using the print application, the technology will automatically adjust the size of the packaging.
  • SealPeak™ – For Seal Strength – Standard Hawo seal seams are 12mm wide flat seals that contain a barrier in their centre enhancing stability – this we call SealPeak. The stability of the seal continually increases from the outside of the seal towards the ‘peak’. The advantage with soft edge welds of this kind is that devices do not break out through the seam itself. SealPeak welds demonstrate excellent peeling properties without shredding. The trusted HawoFlex sealing technology also means SealPeak seams are highly suited to the likes of Tyvek and polyolefin packages.
  • TraceLog™ – Digital Logbook – The new TraceLog technology from Hawo is standard in the NanoPak. Actions and processes can be recorded and viewed later if required

Safe Packaging with NanoPak®

When reprocessing medical devices follow the corrects steps of washing, disinfection, packaging and sterilisation. Instrumentation can only be labelled as sterilised when they are packaged before sterilisation. The single use packaging is made from laminated film or other porous material to allow the sterilisation medium (steam, plasma etc) pass (but not bacteria or microorganisms).

When using a the required reprocessing sequence in conjunction with professional heat sealer equipment and packaging materials you can guarantee sterility up to the point of use. Packaging validation is crucial here to ensure the sterile barrier systems integrity is maintained until with the end user.

Where air extraction and/or gas flushing is required consider one of our vacuum sealer machines for enhanced protection.

Professional heat sealing equipment for closing pouch packaging and sealable reels is essential where sterile barrier are concerned.

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