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Hawo HP 630 WS Professional L Sealer Machine

Hawo HP 630 WS Professional L Sealer Machine

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The Hawo HP 630 WS L Sealer is an excellent platform when used for the packaging & sealing of clothing.

Designed with the user in mind each machine features no heat up time and an automatically opening frame for speed and ease of use.

The Hawo HP 630 manual L sealer machine is an excellent platform for the packaging of many types of products and can be adapted to suit varying dimensions.

The 630 L sealer bagging machine from Hawo is designed for professional heat sealing work and is suitable for continuous use. This machine guarantees optimum lock safety with the use of magnets whilst the table features adjustable height and depth for different product dimensions. This cleaver feature means you can adapt the size of the packaging to varying product sizes without having to replace the film roll.

L Sealer machine features

  • Requires no heat up time and can be used immediately.
  • Integrated cutting wire seals and cuts at the same time, no additional procedures necessary.
  • The sealing time interval can be adjusted infinitely.
  • Semi automatic l sealer machine with the frame opening automatically at the end of the sealing cycle.
  • Very compatible with PE films but it also very well suited to both compostable and biodegradable materials.

Optimal Seal Quality

Once the frame is compressed and closed the machines will maintain the set sealing pressure during each seal cycle to the end of the packaging process. This results in a reliably consistent seal quality every time because the process is less to operator error. One the seal is complete the frame opens automatically, this ergonomic interface means that the operator can prepare the next item for packaging on the integrated workplace whilst the main unit is carrying our the seal.

Safe Use

As an optional extra the machine can be equipped with a suction module (HP 630 WE). Once connected to a suction device the fumes that may arise during welding work are limited further still and operators are protected even further.

Applications for L Sealer Machines

This table top L Sealer machine can be used to package and seal all types of clothing and fabric garments.

These machines prove themselves highly versatile in fast moving consumer goods packaging environments, mail order & e-commerce type businesses.

Dry cleaners, airlines, transport companies, hotels and many other sectors have integrated the HP 630 WS into their packaging processes.


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