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Daubert Cromwell Daubrite® 1 Emitter - Tyvek ®Pouch Coated 40x75mm

Daubert Cromwell Daubrite® 1 Emitter - Tyvek ®Pouch Coated 40x75mm

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The Daubert Cromwell Daubrite® 1 Emitter has an enclosed 1.5 inches x 3 inches "breathable" Tyvek pouch with a unique multi-purpose corrosion inhibitor.

This innovative emitter solution offers comprehensive corrosion protection for both ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Tailored for safeguarding metals within sealed environments such as containers, envelopes, boxes, cases, cabinets, or enclosed assemblies and machinery. Utilization is simple: insert the unopened pouch into the enclosure alongside the metal components requiring protection.

Metal Protection for the Daubert Cromwell Daubrite® 1 Emitter

Below is a list of metals where corrosion protection will occur when you apply emitter by Daubrite 1 as recommended by Daubert Cromwell.

"Testing Required" means the product will normally safeguard this metal class. However, for the best possible outcome, Daubert Cromwell testing should be performed before use. Daubert Cromwell always suggests testing for corrosion on customer-supplied metal and chemical samples to better match these claims.

Corrosion Protection

Protects metals from corrosion up to 1.0 cubic foot/28 liters for a maximum of 24 months.

Shelf Life

This shelf life declaration only applies to products stored in the original container for shipment used by Daubert Cromwell. Storage outside of that container renders this statement null and void.

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