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Cortec VpCI® 378 Inhibitor

Cortec VpCI® 378 Inhibitor

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A complete alternative for oil-based corrosion preventives is the water-based concentrate VpCI® 378.

This innovative solution creates a brown emulsion when mixed with water. You can apply the mixture to metal surfaces through spraying or dipping methods. Its wide dilution range allows for customisable protection periods.

This inhibitor is a translucent protective coating. It becomes dry-to-touch within just 30 minutes after application in ambient conditions. You can apply it to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The recommended uses are sheltered areas, indoors, or for packaging without direct exposure to outdoor elements or rain.

To remove the coating, you can use Cortec® VpCI 414 or other conventional alkaline cleaners. However, in many operations, there's no need for removal. The coatings or paints can be directly applied over treated surfaces at dilutions exceeding 1:15. VpCI 378 proves to be a versatile, efficient, and reliable choice for protecting metals from corrosion in various applications.


VpCI® 378 offers a range of impressive features that make it an outstanding choice for protecting metal surfaces.

Clear and Dry

One of its key advantages is its clear and dry form. This provides excellent protection. At the same time, it enhances the appearance of the treated parts, making them more visually appealing.

Heat Stability

Furthermore, VpCI® 378 demonstrates remarkable heat stability, ensuring its performance remains intact even under high-temperature conditions. VpCI® 378 retains its temperature stability up to approximately 210°F (99°C) once diluted. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for applications that involve elevated temperatures.

Water-displacing Properties

The product's water-displacing properties are another crucial aspect. This capability prevents the formation of corrosion and safeguards the metal components from damage caused by moisture.

Easy Removal

One of the standout benefits of VpCI® 378 is its ease of removal when necessary, eliminating any complications associated with cleanup. Unlike traditional rust-inhibiting oils, this product minimises cleaning and housekeeping issues, making it a more convenient and efficient solution for metal protection.

Superior Protection

Moreover, VpCI® 378 offers superior protection. It acts a replacement for rust-inhibiting oils. It delivers a highly effective barrier against rust and corrosion, enhancing the longevity and durability of the protected parts.

Friendly to Environment

Environmentally conscious users will appreciate that VpCI® 378 is emulsifiable, which means it can be mixed with water. It is generally safe when you apply it. This feature ensures that it meets environmental standards while still providing top-notch protection.


Furthermore, the product is highly economical. You can dilute it with water at a ratio of 1:20, meaning 1 part of the inhibitor is enough 20 parts water without compromising its protective qualities. This cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive choice for various industrial applications.

Lubricating Properties

In addition to its protective properties, VpCI® 378 also offers lubricating benefits, further enhancing its suitability for applications involving moving parts or mechanisms. The product ensures smooth operation while simultaneously providing corrosion resistance.

Metals Protected

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminium
  • Copper and alloys

Typical Applications

Some of the typical applications of VpCI® 378 include:

  • Preservation of Metal Components: VpCI® 378 is highly effective in protecting castings, tubular parts, and forgings. It can also protect metal components for precision machines. It forms a protective barrier that prevents corrosion and extends the service life of these vital parts.
  • Machinery and Equipment Protection: This corrosion inhibitor is extensively used to safeguard gears, electric motors, pumps, textile, housings, and printing equipment. By applying VpCI® 378, manufacturers can ensure that their machinery remains in optimal condition, minimising maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Preservation of Metal Stock: Bars, structural steel, roll stock, and sintered metals are often susceptible to corrosion during storage and transportation. VpCI®-378 effectively protects these metal stocks.
  • Metal Cleaning Processes: VpCI® 378 serves as an excellent additive to rinse water systems and washers, as well as in hydro blasting and hydro testing operations. By incorporating this inhibitor, industries can enhance the corrosion protection of cleaned metal surfaces during various cleaning procedures.
  • Elevated Temperature Applications: VpCI® 378 excels in applications where elevated temperatures are involved, such as quenching fluid or dipping applications. Its corrosion protection capabilities remain robust even under high-temperature conditions.

Packaging and Storage

VpCI 378 comes in various packaging options, including pails in 5-gallon or 19 litres and liquid totes, drums, and bulk containers in 55-gallon (208-litres) options. To maintain its integrity, store the product in a well-maintained warehouse with heating system and ensure it remains sealed to prevent freezing. The average useful life of VpCI 378 is two (2) years.

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