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Cortec VpCI® 369 Open Atmosphere Removable Coating

Cortec VpCI® 369 Open Atmosphere Removable Coating

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Cortec CorShield® VpCI®-369 is an oil based temporary coating designed to cope with the most demanding outdoor and aggressive conditions.

Conforms in full commercially to MIL-PRF-16173E (Grade 2) this wet film corrosion inhibitor spray is a best in class product.


Cortec VpCI 369 is an oil based temporary protective coating designed to protect valuable assets in the most challenging and aggressive environments.

Corshield VpCI 369 is one the most popular VPCI corrosion inhibitor coatings as Cortec VpCI conforms in full to commercially to MIL-PRF-16173E (Grades 2), NSN 8030-00-244-1295, 244-1297, 244-1298, 01-149-1731. UFI: 1KTX-A14E-NU18-EAEC.

How to apply Cortec VpCI 369

Surface substrate should be free from greases, oils, rust treatments, dirt and debris as well as fingerprints. If the surface is contaminated prior to application this can cause complications with adhesion.

Cortec recommends a minimum standard in SSPC-SP1 when using over painted surfaces. When being applied to bare metal surfaces a NACE #3/SSPC-SP6 is advised.

For full scale applications it is always best to seek advice from one of our corrosion specialists first.

Agitation is required to bring the VpCI 369 to an adequately even consistency. This can be achieved using either a squirrel cage design mixer, a hand held tool or other similar/equivalent mixing method.

Application can be done using either the spray, roller, brush or dipping methods.

Typical Removable Coating Equipment Configurations

An example of a conventional spray (HVLP) set up using:

  • A 0.02″ – 0.11″ tip (0.5-2.8 mm) / varying with pressures and viscosity.
  • 45-55 PSI air pressure.
  • Pressure fluid @ PSI 10.
  • Hose that is ⅜” (0.95 cm internal dimension) with a max length of 50 ft (15.2 mtr). A¼” (0.64 cm internal dimension) fluid hose is an option to use but pressures may need to be adjusted. Ensure dual regulation always features on the Pot keeping this and spray gun at the same level of elevation.

Airless (or air assisted) Hose:

  • A 0.015″ – 0.035″ (0.38-0.89mm) tip should be used dependant on pressure and viscosity.
  • Keep pressure between 1800 & 2500 PSI
  • A minimum ⅜” (0.95 cm internal dimension) , but a ¼” (0.64 IDcm) whip end attachment can be used for easy application. We suggest a max length of 100 feet (30.5 m).

Cleanup for VpCI 369

You should clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with Butyl acetate when coating is still wet. When removing VPCI 369 you should use an alkaline cleaner degreaser like VpCI 414.

Always follow manufacturers safety advice when using any kind for solvent.

Packaging & Storage for VpCI 369

CorShield® VpCI-369 can be purchased in 5 gallon (19 Ltr) pails or larger 55 gallon
(208 L) bulk metal drums.

CorShield® VpCI-369 aerosol spray cans are also available in 11 oz. (312 g) quantities.

Store this product in it’s original packaging and keep out of direct sunlight.

The shelf life is 2 years.

Product Specifications (.PDF)

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