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Cortec VpCI® 329 & 329 D Corrosion Inhibitor Oil 5 (19 ltr) & 55 (208 ltr) Gallon Drums

Cortec VpCI® 329 & 329 D Corrosion Inhibitor Oil 5 (19 ltr) & 55 (208 ltr) Gallon Drums

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Cortec® VpCI® 329 is a best in class corrosion inhibiting oil perfect for use with lubricating, hydraulic and preservation oils.

Available from stock Cortec VpCI 329 is also available in D, F, ES & SC special formulations. VpCI 329 & 329 D are available from stock in 5 gallon (19 ltr) & 55 gallon (208 ltr) drums.


Cortec VpCI 329 is a vapour corrosion inhibitor oil ideal for use with other lubricative, hydraulic & preservation oils.

Cortec VpCI 329 is a concentrated corrosion inhibitor oil that can be used both indoors and in sheltered outdoor conditions. The vapours from the patent pending VpCI corrosion inhibitor formula.

VpCI 329 uses a dual action by creating both a film of corrosion inhibitors which guard the metal surface, whilst the vapour molecules atomise into the surrounding air above the oil itself.

This impressive combination offers complete corrosion protection for systems and their internal component parts.

Cortec VpCI 329 Features

  • Free from harmful chromates, nitrates & phosphate inhibitors.
  • High flash & fire tolerances.
  • Multi metal protection including zinc, galvanised steel, aluminium, copper and brass.
  • Can be used with most oils.
  • Can be misted/fogged into hard to reach compartment spaces.
  • Parts can be dipped before storage.
  • VpCI 329.
  • NATO part number # 6850-66-132-6100 / NSN # 6850-01-470-3359.
  • VpCI 329 conforms to mil-prf-46002 grade 1 equivalent.

Cortec® VpCI 329-D, D ES, F & SC

VpCI-329 D is a ready to use rust preventative oil formula. It’s great for metal surfaces that only require a thin coat of oil before finishing, storage or further processing.

Effective on gears, coils and other metal parts that use oil for protection.

VpCI 329-D Features

  • 329 D performs well under adverse conditions (up to 100% humidity).
  • Works in the presence of corrosive substances such as chlorides, hydrogen sulfide & other sulfur based chemicals.
  • Thermally stable providing long term corrosion protection upon contact.
  • VpCI 329 can be applied by spray, dipped, brushed or rolled onto metal surfaces.
  • Choose VpCI 329 D ES for hand held trigger applications.

VpCI 329 F Features

  • VpCI-329 F is approved for use by the US department of Agriculture (USDA) as an accepted oil based concentrate for use as an additive in combination with lubricants and hydraulic oils.
  • VpCI 329 F is a ready to use corrosion preventative fluid.
  • Approved for use on packaging materials in indirect contact with meat and poultry.
  • Conforms with FDA CFR 178 3300.

VpCI 329 SC (super-concentrate)

  • Is highly concentrated reducing shipping & storage costs.
  • When combined with VpCI-329 SC treated oils will conform with mil-p-46002 & MIL C 16173D Grade 3.


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