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Cortec ElectriCorr® VpCI® 286 EcoSonic® Acrylic Based Conformal Coating 12 oz / 340grm Spray Cans

Cortec ElectriCorr® VpCI® 286 EcoSonic® Acrylic Based Conformal Coating 12 oz / 340grm Spray Cans

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EcoSonic® ElectriCorr VpCI®-286® is a high performance acrylic based conformal coating designed for use as a non conductive coating for electronics.

Available in either 340grm (12oz) aerosol spray cans or 5 gallon (19ltr) bulk drums for larger bulk applications & projects.


ElectriCorr® VpCI 286 is a market leading acrylic based conformal coating spray formula. Designed for use with electronic assemblies it works to extend long life performance of both new and repaired electronics. VpCI 286 particularly excels in aggressive environments where high heat and atmospheric humidity can encourage corrosion damage.

A non conductive coating for electronics VpCI 286 can be considered a technological breakthrough in a new generation of circuit board coating spray products. It uniquely combines outstanding moisture ingress prevention properties with the patented Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology from Cortec.

Once applied to surfaces this conformal coating protects printed circuit boards and other assemblies from contaminants by forming a sealed microenvironment around the unit and its components.

The VpCI molecules form a robust barrier layer to protect against microscopic dendrite growth, moisture, dust fungus, termination and surface corrosion as well as many other environmental contamination hazards.

Furthermore VpCI 286 also enhances the reliability of the circuit boards themselves by preventing dangerous conditions such as leakage from high impedance circuits (w/ high component density topography) occurring.

VpCI 286 can be used a standalone solution as opposed to traditional two component coatings that require specialised metering, mixing, and dosing equipment.

The formula also contains an optical identifier that is visible under UV light, this gives further reassurance and visual confirmation of proper coating when goods are inspected.

Features of ElectriCorr® VpCI 286® Acrylic Based Conformal Coating Spray

  • Conforms fully to the surface being coated.
  • Extremely low conductivity.
  • Corrosion inhibitor that works into the long term.
  • Quick drying.
  • Free from VOC.
  • When repair is necessary 286 can easily be removed with solvents.
  • Fluorescent when placed under UV light.
  • Convenient aerosol spray cans or bulk liquids.

Applications for VpCI 286®

  • Field servicing and repair of PCB printed circuit boards.
  • Manufacture of PCB printed circuit boards.

How to apply conformal coating. Application 

  • For Aerosol spray can lightly mist over the area/surface in need of protection.
  • For bulk liquids either dip coat or apply with a spray gun.

Can be used in conjunction with other Cortec packaging products such as VpCI 126 bags or EcoSonic ESD anti static paper.


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