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Cortec M 251

Cortec M 251

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M 251 is an environmentally harmless, minimal foaming, soluble in water, and rust inhibitor for synthesised cutting fluids.

It protects copper, carbon steel, galvanised steel, nonferrous and ferrous metals, and alloys from corrosion. M 251 protects both vapour and contact vapour phases from corrosion during & after operations.

M 251 is suitable with various water-based lubricants and a variety of biocides. It is stable with seawater, making it suitable for usage in offshore environments.

Packaging & Storage

M 251 Additive is available in plastic pails variants of 5 gallons (19 L) and 55 gallons (208 L).

For best product condition and performance, store the additive indoors in its original packaging. The package should always be out of direct exposure sunlight. Temperature should not be less 40 and not greater than 100 °F (or 4 up to 38 °C).

Shelf life: 2 years


  • Stable in water systems in 6pH or above.
  • Compatible with salt and fresh water.
  • Soluble in alcohols, glycol and water, glycol, and alcohols.
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly.
  • Non-phenolic.
  • UFI: P940-5052-M00F-RX0F.

Typical Properties


Clear Yellow/Amber Liquid


8-9 (1% solution in water)


8.5-8.7 lb/gal (1.02-1.03 kg/L)

Non-Volatile Content


Cast Iron Chip Test

ASTM D-4627 (1% concentration)


Immersion Test ASTM G 31

Fresh Water

(0.5%) Pass

Salt Water

(5%) Pass

Typical Application

As an additive to synthetic cutting fluids M 251 should be added in the following concentrations

  • Operation and short term (up to 30 days) protection after the operation - 0.75-1.0%.
  • Operation and longer term (up to 90 days) protection after the operation - 1-5%.
  • Operation with salt water - 2.5-5%.
  • Operation with salt water and short term of protection after the operation - 5-10%.

Other applications

  • Metal cleaners (alkaline-based).
  • Lubricants (water-based).
  • Drilling muds (water-based).
  • Hydraulic fluids (water-based).


Product Specifications (.PDF)

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