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Cortec VpCI® 149 Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Paper

Cortec VpCI® 149 Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Paper

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Cortec VpCI® 149 is a market leading Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Paper designed to give enhanced protection to a variety of metals when being transported or stored.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Paper products from Cortec are unique in their ability to provide ‘best in class’ corrosion protection for a wide variety of metals.
VPCI 149 has been specifically formulated to give enhanced protection to sensitive metals such as copper, aluminium and cast iron.

VPCI 149® has a diverse range of applications and can be used as an effective solution for a variety of packaging needs. The paper itself has a unique feel, as it uses a neutral & natural kraft paper the coating is such that whilst the paper has a ‘soft’ feel it wraps very easily around metal parts. This makes VPCI 149 extremely easy to use.

Furthermore, as this construction does not use saturated paper like cheaper alternatives it maintains a remarkably high tear resistance.

This specification utilises the renowned vapour phase corrosion inhibitor technology that results in a far superior level of protection to legacy VCI Paper alternatives.

These VPCI corrosion inhibitor molecules provide strong vapour phase protection that makes this an effective solution for protecting void & cavity spaces as well as being good at interleaving.

VPCI 149 paper is made from the highest quality neutral and natural Kraft paper. Both chlorine and bleach free there is no risk of the usual ‘contamination culprits’ found with other VCI paper roll products.

There are no additional chemical concentrations that need to be calculated with VPCI 149. Simply wrap your products in the paper and fold the edges together.

Consider using adhesive tape (or even a heat sealer) to position and seal the Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Paper in place.

The VPCI inhibitor molecules then evaporate onto the surrounding metal surfaces to offer complete corrosion protection.

Usual Applications

VPCI 149 vapour corrosion inhibitor paper can be used for asset protection of sensitive metal goods during transport and storage.

Mostly this paper is used as a Kraft wrap for single item packaging or interleaving, it’s equally as common to use 149 for end closure and shipping tubes as well as larger items that require sheet liners or separation between individual products.

  • Metal production. Coils, plates, wire reel & bar products
  • Metal fabrications and die casting. Raw & machines forgings or castings
  • General metal work and stamping. Springs, tubes, pipes, nails, bearings, and fastenings
  • Finished metal products. Engines, industrial equipment, tooling, appliances, instrumentation, motors, electronics, and control pieces.

Key Features

  • One single product for all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% both recyclable and repulpable
  • Full conformance with MIL P 3420 E.
  • No need to remove the protective layer before finishing or coating
  • Works well with oiled metals being transported or stored throughout the supply chain.
  • Combine rust protection and packaging in one easy process

How to apply

  • Package products as soon after cleaning as is possible
  • Keep dried and free of residual water
  • Keep the vapour corrosion inhibitor paper as close to the surface of the product as is practical
  • Ensure there is no obstruction or barrier between the VPCI paper and the surface to be protected
  • We recommend you use 1 sq ft (0.09m²) of VPCI paper for each 3 sq ft (0.28 m²) of surface area to be protected
  • For void spaces and cavities consider using 1 sq ft (0.09m²) of VPCI paper for every 0.5 ft cube of voided spaces.
  • If storing into the long term for up to 10 years, consider using in conjunction with one of our barrier foil bags, hermetically (airtight) sealed. For optimal seal quality consider one of our WSZ machines.

What metals does VPCI 149 protect?

  • Steel (Stainless)
  • Brass
  • Aluminium Alloy
  • Iron
  • Steel (Galvanised)
  • Copper
  • Steel (Carbon)
  • Solder

Packaging & Storage

VPCI 149 Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Paper is available in a variety of custom sizes available upon request.

As standard it is available in 37 lbs (16.8 kg) rolls & 60 lbs (27.2 kg) /3000sq. ft.
(279 sq. m.) paper.


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