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Shockwatch® Tiltwatch XTR® Indicators & Labels. Box sets (Including Companion Shipping Labels)

Shockwatch® Tiltwatch XTR® Indicators & Labels. Box sets (Including Companion Shipping Labels)

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With Tiltwatch you and your customer are in no doubt of poor handling.


Tiltwatch Indicators are provided as 100/200/500 box sets, each including shipping labels.

The Renowned and patented Shockwatch design is easy to fix to a shipping unit. Once activated it will indicate if a crate or container has been tilted below 90°.

A brightly coloured red unit Tiltwatch XTR come with a companion label to alert your courier immediately that the goods are being monitored.

Being economical they can be used on most freight. Allowing a level of accountability as to where damage has occurred in the supply chain.

The cost of Shipping damage to industry has never been greater. Goods are travelling at higher speed and volume than ever before. Often emphasis is put on the speed of courier delivery rather than the quality of handling goods receive.

With this inconvenient truth clients are turning more and more to shipment monitoring solutions as a cost effective preventative measure to stop damaged delivery.

How does Tiltwatch XTR work?

Clients often discover Tiltwatch after bad experiences where shipments had to be kept Upright, but were not. A Simple but highly inconvenient problems like this have led to Tilt watches wide market appeal.

Clients involved in Sensitive Electrical shipping, Fragile optics and lighting equipment manufacture. Heavy machinery removal and factory removal projects.

Tilt sensitive retail goods and precision parts in general.

All have found this product very effective at ensuring their goods receive the best quality of care.

Tiltwatch Indicators

Tilt labels activate by pulling the release pin. You can then fix it to to your package or container. They activate when tipped below a 90° angle. Once this happens the arrow will turn completely blue.

Tiltwatch transport monitors are self adhesive but can also be attached by either nailing or stapling to your container.

Please note – Tiltwatch labels should be used by suitable trained or qualified trades people.

Tiltwatch benefits include

  • Visual Deterrence
  • Allows receiver to immediately check for damage
  • Easy to use
  • Gives accountability for shipments

Delivery Time

1 – 2 UK Working Days.

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