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Shockwatch® 2 Bundle Package (Including Companion Shipping Labels)

Shockwatch® 2 Bundle Package (Including Companion Shipping Labels)

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Shockwatch self adhesive labels each contain a vial designed to break relative to the colour coded range.

Once damage occurs the vial breaks instantaneously releasing a red dye that will clearly indicate to the receiving party that poor handling has occurred.


ShockWatch 2 indicator labels attach conveniently onto your shipment as a solution to prevent and deter bad handling from shipping and transportation services.

These units raise awareness that the shipment is fragile and being monitored. ShockWatch Labels offer more than just a visual deterrent. They have real cost saving potential for damages incurred due to poor handling. As well as an improved brand perception for commitment to defect free deliveries.

Shockwatch shipping labels continually prove themselves to be highly effective in the modern supply chain. Allowing a cost effective and convenient solution for preventing shipping damage.

With goods travelling at greater volumes than ever before it’s no surprise that freight damage costs industry millions a year. Third party shipping services nearly always put emphasis on speed. As opposed to the attention and quality of care the shipments themselves receive.

This inconvenience is too great for business to ignore. Damage to goods, damage to reputation and of course the cost of replacement is truly damaging to competitive industry. Choose Shockwatch impact labels to add accountability and improve brand perception. They demonstrate to your clientele that you take shipping quality seriously.

Shockwatch benefits include the following:

  • Protection of delicate, sensitive or precision goods
  • Potential production increase
  • Shows evidence of damage during transport
  • Act as a deterrent poor handling
  • Potential bottom line cost savingsImproved customer satisfaction

Due to their versatility Shockwatch Indicators are commonly used in industries like:

  • Automotive
  • Precision components
  • Electrical goods
  • Defense packaging
  • Science & Medical
  • Furniture and Home wares
  • Media
  • Export Case making and Export packing

How do they work ?

See below advice on fitting based on our two most popular units.

Purple unit measuring 37G at 50 milliseconds
Purple Shockwatch BoxFor lighter cartons we recommend a Shockwatch sticker placed at 24″ in an upper corner of the box.

For larger/heavier cartons, Octabins or pallet freight we recommend the use of 2 labels. Place these labels on opposing ends diagonally facing each other.

Yellow label measuring 25G at 50 milliseconds
Attach Shockwatch 25g label 12 – 14 inches for carton bottom.
Yellow Shockwatch BoxFor heavier items. Attach two shock labels on opposite ends of the box facing diagonally facing each other.

As a general run packages that have a length twice the width are classed as ‘heavier items’.

Please note – this product is intended for use by appropriate trained or qualified professionals or trades people. The advice given on our selection chart for color compatibility is reliable. However it is given in good faith and is by no means exhaustive for all products and shipments.

Delivery Time

VpCI® 150's versatility makes it the ultimate ally for corrosion prevention, keeping your valuable assets performing at their best.

1-2 Business Days UK

For more information on Shock label products visit our Tiltwatch page.


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