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Hawo HPL 500 D-V & 3000 DC-V Rotary Heat Sealer

Hawo HPL 500 D-V & 3000 DC-V Rotary Heat Sealer

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The HAWO HPL 500 D-V and 3000 DC-V machines are best in class rotary heat sealers designed for the industrial, medical and healthcare markets.

These machines produce consistent and optimal seals for sensitive goods that require the upmost protection during both transport and storage.

The HPL 500 D-V features a validatable process in accordance with EN ISO 11607-2.


Please note these machines are safety sealed and disinfected inside their boxes for hygiene purposes.

Rotary Band Sealer. Temp 80 – 200°C. Sealing width 6mm (0.24 inches). Includes bag chrome bag feeder.

Options sold separately include roll conveyor & stainless steel table stand (V2A) specification.

Machine is supplied hermitically sealed & disinfected for hygiene purposes.

Hawo HPL 500 D-V & 3000 DC-V Rotary Heat Sealer in Detail

The Hawo HPL 500 & 3000 continuous rotary heat sealer machines are market leading devices built for both industrial and medical packaging projects.

These heat sealers and rotary machines are suitable for every type of laminated film including both single and multi layer flexible packaging materials.

In order to meet the strict quality and safety requirements of EN ISO 11607-2 these rotary band sealers are available in two configurations. Either a 'D' for non-validatable packaging requirements, Or 'D-V' that comes complete with additional validatable features for the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

With either one of our rotary sealers you have the reassurance of a 'best in class' product that ensures optimal and consistent seal quality.

This machine produces sealing widths of 6 mm (0.24 inches) but can be produced wider on request. Getting the seal width right is extremely important for a wide range of reasons - as such, if you need a custom seal width on your rotary band sealers for commercial use, don't hesitate to get in touch today.

In addition to the standard rotary sealers, a variety of modifications and optional extras are available to complete you process. These include storage tray, roll holders, table stands, barcode scanners, printers and vertical stand made in stainless steel V2A construction.

What are the benefits of rotary heat sealers?

Even the basic HPL 500 D model features a sealing belt speed of 10 meters (33 ft/min) per minute. This allows you to seal packaging at a medium to high volume making this an excellent choice for belt conveyors and packaging lines. When you compare this to impulse sealers, rotary heat sealers are much faster and more reliable when used at large scale.

The HPL 500 D-V features process parameters which control both the temperature and sealing speed. The operator can monitor this directly via the electronic control panel.

Also the 500 D-V specification lets you monitor deviant process parameters directly in line with the requirements specified in EN ISO 11607-2:2006.

The RS 232 interface allows allows for quick and easy integration with external documentation systems like the HAWO ht 180 pt-USB.

Both the HPL 500 D-V and the HPL 3000 D-V are ideal for medical packaging projects.

Do I need a rotary heat sealer?

Heat Sealers in general can be split into two categories. The first is an impulse sealer which features a jaw or clamp which manually compressed to create the seal.

The manual operation requires the operator to place the bag or pouch between the jaws, wait a few seconds for the material to seal, then allow it to cool.

Impulse heat sealers can be supplied in both table top and hand held formats.

Rotary band sealers work slightly differently in that they are all about seal quality and consistency.

A belt essentially 'feeds' the pouch from one side to another through the heating element of the machine. So heat and pressure are applied which creates the seal.

To decide you need to consider the material that you are sealing and what the seal quality requirements are for your project.

For example if you have a sterile packaging requirement you should definitely be considering rotary heat sealers.

It may not be the case but you should take into consideration that an alternative like an impulse sealer can be exposed to human error.

It is very difficult to maintain a consistent sealing temperature and time with a manual device. Often seals may appear to be fine, but have been heated for an optimal time.

Poor seals and gaps are common with manual devices. This can lead to defected product. A rotary band heat sealer with an in-built temperature controller eliminates this risk!

There are also vacuum sealers which are commonly used for certain types of packaging. However, rotary band sealers are typically more reliable, better suited to industrial or commercial environments, in addition to being faster, quieter and delivering a more effective seal.

Can I adjust the sealing temperature?
Yes you can adjust the temperature using the electronic control. Between 80 and 220°C.

Power and Plugs!

The HPL 500 & 3000 machines are supplied as standard with the UK 3 pin 230V plug cover. They can be adapted at no additional cost to the EU 2 pin 230V and US 2 pin 110v.

    Delivery Time

    Standard and stock machines require 3 - 4 days for UK orders.

    Machine Notes


    A rotary band sealer is recommended for any projects that needs to conform with the following regulations - EN ISO 11607-1:2009, EN 868-4:2009 and EN 868-5:2009

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