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Pouch Packaging 3 Side Seal Flat Pouches Various Sizes

Pouch Packaging 3 Side Seal Flat Pouches Various Sizes

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Valdamark has extensive capabilities in the design and manufacture of Pouch Packaging.

Whether using one of our stock flexible packaging films (or a custom/bespoke construction) we can convert all of our range of laminated films into a variety of sizes and shapes

Our unique tooling and finishing know how and expertise has been built up over many years. When it comes to technical applications we are very uniquely positioned to solve the most demanding of projects.

We excel at ‘non-standard’ Pouch Packaging formats. Naturally this means we serve a diverse cross-section of clients, sectors include:

  • Industrial.
  • Aerospace.
  • Automotive.
  • Stand Up PouchesChemical.
  • Agricultural / Agri-foods.
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical.
  • Building & Construction.
  • Energy, Oil & Gas.
  • Security.

The most common format is typically a 3 side seal flat pouch design.

Others include:

  • 2 side seal (or ‘L’ seal).
  • Side Gusset Pouches.
  • Pillow Pouch.
  • Stand Up Pouches.
  • Flat bottom gusset bags.
  • Bag in box pouches.

Aluminium pouch packaging is still the most popular conversion maintaining a good balance between flexible, tear resistance and moisture barrier properties.

  • Transparent clear pouch packaging.
  • Materials with enhanced tear and puncture resistance.
  • TSE/BSE free.
  • FEP Film.
  • Polyethylene without additives.
  • Materials for hazardous/volatile contents.

Our production facilities are split between a manual hand fabrication and automated machine production.

Our hand fabrication is perfect for the production of ‘awkwardly shaped’ three dimensional formats.

It also allows us to respond quickly to sample and prototype requests with rapid customisations available. Another benefit is that we are not limited by machine capacity for larger dimensions. There is no limit on the size we can convert here.

The vast majority of Pouch work though is done on the automated machine line.

For several reasons this ensures seal consistency and integrity. It also allows for comprehensive audibility and traceability of different productions and the batches within them. For high volume productions this is a necessity.

It is often also a formal requirement where sterile and non sterile medical device packaging is concerned. European Pharmacopeia, FDA and BFR standards from a practices and process, govern much of what we do.

We can convert formats to suit nearly all solid, liquid or gas contents.

With a variety of fittings and modifications to chose from we can tailor make to your exact requirements, Finished products can be heavily customised to suit an environmental/ergonomic challenges, as well as any regulatory standards that need to be conformed to.

Some options include:

  • Inspection/viewing windows.
  • Tear Notches.
  • Carry Handles.
  • Filling & Evacuation Ports.
  • Resealable Zip Locks.
  • Snap locks/Valves.

In House R & D – Doping, extrusion, lamination & seal strength testing facilities further enhance our ability to deliver on the most demanding of applications.

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