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Hawo HPL 1500 & 1800 Impulse Heat Sealer For The Production Of Pallet Covers

Hawo HPL 1500 & 1800 Impulse Heat Sealer For The Production Of Pallet Covers

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The Hawo HPL 1500 & 1800 pallet cover sealer machines are a great choice for the professional sealing of transportation storage covers.

The HPL 1500 & 1800 pallet cover sealer machines are flexible, ergonomic and efficient platforms that are perfect when used to weld professional packaging for pallets to be transported and/or stored.

Pallet cover sealer machines need to allow for maximum flexibility when converting covers from thermoplastic film. The Hawo HPL 1500 & 1800 guarantees maximum flexibility controlling the use of flexible packaging films being converted to pallet covers.

The machine features an integrated cutter unit that easily allows the operator to adapt to changes in size – ideal for varying pallet sizes/heights. Measure and trim, the film is easily adaptable with these machines.

A flexible & efficient pallet cover sealer

This machine is an impulse heat sealer and by using this mechanism of action means no heat up time, it is ready for immediate use following each seal cycle.

The machine is compatible with varying film thickness and gauges with a built in contact pressure sensor to ensure seal contact is consistent.

Castor wheels fitted as standard means the machine goes where the work is.

This device can be supplied with a variety of factory OEM options including length counter and roll holder for 2nd rolls of film.

Often clients have new or existing transport work and they are looking to optimise this side of the production process, either as best practice or a cost saving measure.

The HPL 1500 & 1800 machines are efficient and flexible platforms that can really make the ‘value equations’ that must be satisfied for these types of projects start to add up.

What length are the sealing bars of the machines?

There are two standard options in either the HPL 1500 (welding seam length max.1500mm/59.1″) or the HPL 1800 (welding seam length max.1800mm/70.7″)

What materials can be sealed?

The HPL 1500 & 1800 machines are compatible as standard with all thermoplastic films.

Can further modifications/customisations be made to this pallet cover sealer platform?

As with many of the machine platforms we can work with our fabrication and tooling partners to modify the machine and its platform further to a client’s exact requirements.


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