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Nox Rust Transit Coatings

Nox Rust Transit Coatings

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Transit Coatings are either coatings, liquids, or oils. They can protect many painted surfaces and various metals during local and overseas shipping.

When sprayed correctly, the transit coating protects against damage from acid rain, seawater, bird droppings, insects, dirt, debris, smoke, and other pollutants.
Manufacturers need to protect their heavy equipment from their plant to delivery.

Metal surfaces are becoming more prone to corrosion when liquid coatings with heavy metal components are phased out. Exposure of connectors and hose fittings to corrosion-causing elements is becoming a common issue, particularly during export.

Nox - Rust 3100 Transit Coatings

Nox - Rust 3100 transit coating is your ultimate solution for safeguarding metals stored outdoors for extended periods, lasting over 5 years. It beats competitors in tough tests, proving it's the best for shielding equipment during shipments, whether local or overseas. These tests include ASTM standard, the strictest in measuring efficiency of corrosion protection coatings.

The dry film made from Nox - Rust 3100 is tough, yellowish orange in color and translucent. It shields non-ferrous & ferrous metals in any storage condition. It dries fast, ready for handling in 3-6 hours, and fully sets in 12 hours up to 24 hours. This means quick application and reliable protection.
Plus, if needed, you can remove this 3100 Nox-Rust easily using vapour degreasing, solvent-based thinners, or hot alkaline wash, offering flexibility and convenience in maintenance.

Nox - Rust 3100G

Nox-Rust3100G offers excellent rust protection just like its counterpart, Nox - Rust 3100, but it's thicker, making it stick better to vertical surfaces. This quality ensures it provides even coverage on large, heavy metal objects, especially those stored outdoors. Whether applied using a spray or brush, it forms a protective barrier ideal for equipment sheltered beneath a covering or tarp, guarding against corrosion effectively in outdoor environments.

Nox - Rust 3400

This amber coloured, wax-based film provides excellent 5-year outdoor protection. This solvent-based liquid safeguards painted surfaces during shipping, both domestically and overseas. It can be applied through dipping, spraying, or brushing methods. Removal is possible using hot alkaline wash, solvent-based thinners, or vapour degreasing.

Nox - Rust 5400

Metals Protected: sheet metal stamping; Cold-rolled or Cold-formed steel; automotive parts.

Nox - Rust 5400 is a versatile product designed to safeguard metals in industrial settings from corrosion. When used in washing, it shields the metal against rust but also coating it with a lubricating film. This enhances the lifespan of the metal components. One of its key features is its compatibility with various industrial processes; it does not disrupt priming, painting, sealing, welding, or cleaning operations, ensuring seamless workflow in manufacturing environments.

Additionally, Nox-Rust5400 offers the convenience of easy removal through conventional standard cleaning methods. This saves time and effort during maintenance. Its approval for automotive manufacturing underscores its reliability and suitability for critical applications. This corrosion protection solution is particularly beneficial for cold rolled steel, sheet metal stamping, and automotive parts production.

Nox - Rust 7100

Metals Protected: Steel; copper; brass, aluminum
The Nox - Rust 7100 is designed to leave a sparkling shine on treated metal surfaces while effectively removing water residue from tools following the use of water-based cutting oils. It boasts a non-staining formula that ensures no unsightly marks or discolouration, and it's engineered not to clog stamping machines, which is crucial for maintaining efficient operations.

This 7100 Nox-Rust also excels at repelling water from metal surfaces, providing an added layer of protection against corrosion and rust. Upon application, it dries to form a transparent, nearly imperceptible film, preserving the aesthetic appeal of the treated metal while offering long-lasting protection.

For companies involved in the manufacture of aviation parts, gears, springs, driving shifts, machine tools, precision parts, taps, compressors, watch components, drills, refrigeration parts, or transportation components, Nox - Rust 7100 is an essential asset, especially if their operations include stamping processes utilizing water-based cutting fluids.

This light and water-displacing oil not only prevents lingering cutting fluids but also ensures that stamping dies remain unclogged, thus preventing costly downtime and maintenance. Its non-staining properties make it ideal for cross or in-plant processes, where maintaining pristine surfaces is paramount.
Furthermore, the dry film left behind by Nox - Rust 7100 provides a subtle yet noticeable luster to treated metal surfaces, enhancing their visual appeal. With a protection duration of 3 up to 6 months inside a storage facility, it offers reliable, long-term safeguarding against corrosion and rust.

Nox - Rust 7800

Metals Protected: precision parts; Steel; metalworking.
This lubricant works well with precise equipment, machine, and parts. It works with barium lube grease. It's great for putting together parts.
People who know a lot about the variant 7800 say it's the best generic lubricant. Mechanics in shops use it in protecting things from rust temporarily or loosening a tough nut. It also helps keep machines working smoothly.

This 7800 Nox-Rust is a special liquid that displaces water and stops things from rusting. It's thin and works on both metal and non-metal parts when they're stored or moved with a cover. You don't need to mix it or get it ready before using it.
This liquid can move into tiny and inaccessible areas. It stays liquid even when it's very cold, like -70°F. That's why it is useful for the military people in cold places when they apply it to their guns.

This variant 7800 of Nox-Rust is useful in transportation and moving things industries, making machine parts, and doing regular maintenance. You can apply using dipping, brushing or spraying. It keeps things safe from rust for a maximum of 12 months. If you need to remove it, you can use alcohol-based liquid, a hot soapy, or high-pressure water steam.

Nox - Rust 9300

Metals Protected: Steel

This product is added to the final rinse to prevent corrosion. It slows down rust when tools, machined parts, assemblies, and treated steel are being shipped or stored. It pushes away water.

Nox-Rust var. 9300 is a useful product that helps protect against corrosion in various industrial settings. It's added during the final rinse to slow down rust when items are being shipped or stored. You can mix it with petroleum-based or water-based solvent. It's a light, see-through liquid that you can apply by dipping, spraying, or brushing. Once it dries, it forms an oily, and thin layer. This protection lasts for 3 to 9 months.

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