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LDPE FOIL / LDPE Coated Aluminium Foil / Constructions & Sizes Made To Order

LDPE FOIL / LDPE Coated Aluminium Foil / Constructions & Sizes Made To Order

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PLEASE NOTE – Valdamark Ltd does not supply LDPE film as a raw material.

Our LDPE Foil constructions are ‘coated’ where LDPE is one component layer of a thicker, multi layered material. Usually a 3 ply material but some laminate in our range feature 5 or 6 PLY (independent layers).

Valdamark LDPE Foil conversions are made to order in line with the end users requirements.

Our custom extrusion and lamination manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce LDPE Foil constructions to a clients exact specification. Our finished products are of a consistently high quality with a narrow production tolerance.

LDPE (low density polyethylene) is used as a standalone or component layer in many thermoplastic films, With many desirable mechanical properties and characteristics LDPE foils use is widespread. Manufactured in transparent or opaque variations LDPE displays excellent chemical resistance and resilience properties.

Weather you are looking for a simple LDPE based commodity film or a more technical LDPE containing multi-layers, we can likely tailor a solution for your needs.

We cater to a wide variety of markets and sectors. LDPE Foil’s for high usage projects are a speciality.

Sectors we serve include:

  • Transport & Storage.
  • Industrial Packaging.
  • Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors.
  • Food Production.
  • Agrofoods & Agricultural.
  • Aerospace and Aviation Packaging.
  • Chemical and Nuclear.

The majority of our clients operate in heavily regulated markets. Food contact materials in line with EU regulations & Directive 1935 2004 (CE 1935 2004) is often the key requirement for any LDPE foil used in a food production & packaging environment. We have film constructions that are both compatible with this and other food packaging regulations.

  • Multi layer high barrier films with a low moisture vapour transmission rate.
  • ESD, Anti static films.
  • VCI & VpCI impregnated constructions.
  • Excellent mechanical properties. High tear & puncture resistance.
  • Full conformity to US MIL SPEC, UK DEF STAN, French NF & German DIN military standards.
  • FDA, Pharmacopeia (ISO 7) as well as food contact approved films.

Valdamark produce LDPE Foil in a variety of bespoke slit/cut to order rolls

For projects that require a more robust foil packaging take a look at our full range of both standard and made to order formats.

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