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Cortec EcoSpray™ and EcoClean®

Cortec EcoSpray™ and EcoClean®

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EcoSpray™ and EcoClean®  - Safe, Green, and Sustainable

  • Non-flammable*.
  • No aerosols.
  • No propellants.
  • No harmful, ozone-depleting CFCs.
  • No 1,1,1 trichloroethane.

Environmentally safer

EcoClean® & EcoSpray™ products are designed to be environmentally friendly, devoid of HCFCs, propellants, or CFCs that can harm the ecosystem, atmosphere, or ozone layer. Whenever feasible, these products incorporate ingredients with high biodegradability and minimal pollutant properties, thereby reducing waste disposal concerns.


EcoSpray™ & EcoClean® products come with no special storage requirements or additional fire insurance mandates. You can store these products at room temperature, akin to any non-aerosol cleaner and lubricant. However, it's essential to prevent freezing of the product.

Shipping safety

EcoClean® & Spray™ and products pose no hazards during transportation and are suitable for shipment via air, sea, and land shipping methods.

Enhanced user safety

EcoSpray™ & EcoClean® products are meticulously crafted to prioritise user safety alongside environmental concerns. These products are free from methylene chloride, 1-1-1 trichloroethane, or chlorinated solvents, ensuring a safer experience for consumers.

Eco-Friendly Spray Technology

EcoSpray™ or EcoClean® products tackle the most challenging maintenance tasks while prioritising environmental responsibility. Whenever feasible, they use biodegradable and non-toxic compounds without the need for aerosols, propellants, or ozone-depleting CFCs. With their swift effectiveness, reliability, and user safety, EcoSpray™ and/or EcoClean® set the standard for eco-conscious technology.


EcoClean® & EcoSpray™** products are available in 12 recyclable bottles packed in a carton. Each bottle is in 16 fl. Oz./0.5 L.


*Most products. Contact Cortec® support for more details on VpCI®-238 EcoSpray™ and VpCI®-433 EcoClean®.
**EcoClean® Silver and Gold Cleaner comes in 16 oz. (453 g) tubs (not recyclable), 6 tubs per carton.




EcoSpray™ Electronic Cleaner Protector VpCI®-238

An electronic cleaner infused with vapor phase corrosion inhibitors. It creates a delicate protective film that preserves conductivity without any interference.

Effectively cleans and shields electrical and electronic contacts and components against corrosion.

EcoSpray™ Cleaner & Degreaser VpCI®-416

Powerful water-based alkaline cleaner and degreaser fortified with special protection from flash rusting issues.

Effectively eliminates tough deposits including grease, hydrocarbons, buffing and drawing compounds, and machinery residues from machinery, sheet metal, and various metal parts.

EcoSpray™ Industrial Lubricant VpCI®-325

Convenient, pre-mixed liquid blend of vegetable oil and solvent for general-purpose corrosion protection. Its resilient wet film adheres to metal surfaces, displacing water effectively.

Ideal for safeguarding wires, sheet metals, flanges, machined parts, pipes, and firearms. Highly effective for lubrication and maintenance, capable of loosening rusty components.

EcoSpray™ Rust Blocker VpCI®-389

Water-based coating designed to prevent rust on steel, iron, and many more ferrous metals. An eco-friendly alternative to traditional oil-based products.

Provides corrosion protection for both indoor and outdoor equipment and metal parts.

EcoClean® Rust Remover VpCI®-423

An eco-friendly, biodegradable organic rust remover, certified by the USDA as a Biobased Product.

Eliminate rust and corrosion from metal surfaces effectively. Once removed, neutralise using EcoSpray™ Cleaner & Degreaser for optimal results.

EcoClean® Graffiti Remover VpCI®-4330

Highly efficient gel with a smooth-flowing consistency, providing rapid corrosion protection. Free from toluene, ketones, methylene chloride, chlorinated solvents, chromates, methanol, phenols, or acetone.

Effective removal of paints, graffiti, and inks from concrete, wood and metal surfaces.

EcoClean® Silver and Gold Cleaner

A safe and efficient cleaner designed for removing grease, oils, oxides, and other contaminants from silver and gold surfaces. Offers superior protection against tarnishing and oxidation while being worker and environmentally friendly.

Exceptional cleaning performance for jewellery, silverware, electrical contacts, and other gold or silver plated surfaces.


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