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Cortec VpCI® 705 Multi Functional Fuel Additive 5 Gallon (19ltr Drums)

Cortec VpCI® 705 Multi Functional Fuel Additive 5 Gallon (19ltr Drums)

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Cortec VpCI®-705 Fuel Additive is a market leading fuel stabilzer for petrol and diesel engines.

Perfect for use in fuel tanks, engine cylinders and pumps it conforms in full to MIL-PRF-25017G Category 1. A high performance, safe formulation that is easy to use and apply.


VpCI 705 is a high performance diesel fuel additive that does three jobs in one, serving as a corrosion inhibitor, fuel stabiliser and water emulsifier for diesel, petrol and petrochemical mixtures.

VpCI 705 offers the outstanding benefits of VpCI vapor corrosion inhibitors as well lubricity and elastomer protection. When used as a fuel stabiliser this formulation provides better engine performance.

VpCI®-705 is compatible with the usual engineering metals that are used in automotive fuel systems, these include aluminium, die cast alloys, copper, cast iron, solder and ferrous alloy metals.

This formula provides corrosion protection in gas & gas condensate transmission lines and collectors even when contaminants such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and electrolytes are present.

Cortec Eco LogoThe protection given is outstanding when treatment is given either continuously or intermittently.

The multi metal protection offered by the VpCI-705 formula is unique in that it protects all phases: liquid, interface and vapour phase.

The additive is tenacious too allowing it to form a robust protective film layer over the surfaces it’s applied to.

An added bonus is that VpCI 705 even protects non-metal components that it may come into contact with. Rubber gaskets, seals and plastics all get enhanced protection from aging, oxidation and surface cracking.

Typical Applications For VpCI 705 Fuel Additives

  • Fuel Tanks & Storage Systems
  • Carburetors
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Upper Engine Cylinder Hardware
  • Gas lines and collectors

Advantages Of Using Cortec VpCI®-705 Fuel Stabiliser

  • Can be used both in storage and during operation
  • Easy to blend with petrol
  • Protects a variety of metals including steel, copper, aluminium, brass and solder
  • Protects cylinders, pistons and rings during shutdowns
  • A safe and easy to use product with impressive low temperature fluidity and a high flashpoint
  • Three stage phased protection
  • Passes rust removal test in accordance with MIL PRF 25017G category 1
  • Passed anti rust rest ASTM D 665-92
  • Easy blending liquid formula
  • Enhanced Fuel Stabiliser for improved engine performance
  • Free from trace metals, chlorides, nitrates, chromates or phosphates
  • No corrosive residue
  • Displaces the water when fuel lines and tank walls are contacted
  • Can be fogged and/or misted in gas tanks
  • Approved General Motors Parts Number 10661800
  • Environmental protection identifier #1733-0002

Packaging and Storage

VpCI-705 can be provided in 5 gallon/19 ltr pails, 55 gallo/ 208 ltr bulk drums

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