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Cortec VpCI® 423 Water-Based Gel

Cortec VpCI® 423 Water-Based Gel

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Introducing VpCI® 423, an advanced water-based gel specifically designed for the efficient removal of rust and oxides from various metal surfaces, including steel, iron, brass, and copper.

This innovative gel offers a safe and effective solution to prevent corrosion without causing any harm to most common material substrates.

One of the remarkable features of VpCI® 423 is its ability to cling onto vertical and overhead surfaces, making it ideal for tackling rust and oxide build-up in hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, the formula incorporates flash corrosion inhibitors that effectively prevent flash corrosion during the rust and oxide removal process.

After applying VpCI® 423 and completing the rust removal, thorough rinsing with water is recommended. Following that, to ensure a clean and corrosion-free metal surface, consider utilising Cortec® VpCI® 414 or similar alkaline cleaners.

As an additional advantage, VpCI® 423 is NSF (A3) registered, making it suitable for indirect food contact applications. The product proudly boasts a 91% USDA-certified biobased content, aligning with sustainable practices and meeting the criteria for Mandatory Federal Purchasing in the USDA BioPreferred® program.


VpCI® 423 emerges as a remarkable solution for preventing flash rusting and effectively removing rust and oxide from vertical and overhead surfaces. Its versatile formula is designed to be gentle on various materials, including paints, plastics, wood, textiles, ceramics, and rubbers, ensuring no adverse effects upon application.

Organic compounds

In addition to its outstanding performance, VpCI® 423 stands out for its eco-friendly nature. Comprising completely organic components, this product is readily biodegradable, making it a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice. Its formulation also boasts an impressive 91% USDA-certified biobased content, further demonstrating its commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Prestigious certification

Furthermore, VpCI® 423 holds the prestigious NSF (A3) registration, which certifies its suitability as an acid cleaner for use in and around food processing areas. With approval for indirect food contact, it provides an added layer of reassurance for applications in sensitive environments.

This product's versatility and effectiveness are further underscored by its National Stock Number (NSN) 6850-01-482-4536, making it readily accessible and widely applicable across various industries and sectors.

Tackle hard-to-reach areas

One of the remarkable features of VpCI® 423 is its ability to tackle rust in hard-to-reach areas, including vertical and overhead locations. This unique capability allows it to offer comprehensive protection, even in the most inaccessible and vulnerable spaces.

Typical Applications

VpCI® 423 finds widespread utility across various industries due to its versatility in combating rust and corrosion-related challenges. The typical applications of this advanced product include highly effective in-process rust removal for metal parts and stock. Whether it's in automotive, marine, or manufacturing equipment, VpCI® 423 proves to be an indispensable asset for safeguarding valuable assets against rust and ensuring their prolonged lifespan.


VpCI® 423, a versatile rust remover and corrosion inhibitor, finds numerous applications across various industries. This exceptional product can be conveniently applied using conventional or airless spray equipment, as well as by using a brush. Its straightforward application process starts with preparing the surface by removing any loose or flaking rust. Once the surface is adequately prepared, VpCI® 423 is applied to the affected areas.

Upon application, the unique formula of VpCI® 423 begins to work its magic, penetrating and dissolving rust, effectively converting it into a protective barrier against further corrosion. To ensure optimal results, it is recommended to allow the product to stand on the surface for approximately 10-15 minutes, during which the VpCI® molecules create a protective layer.

After the recommended dwell time, the surface can be easily cleaned by rinsing it with Cortec® VpCI® 414 or a similar alkaline cleaner. The combination of VpCI® 423 and VpCI® 414 enhances the overall protection and effectiveness of the treatment, ensuring that rust and corrosion are effectively removed and inhibited.

Packaging and Storage

VpCI® 423 comes in various sizes, including 5-gallon (19 L) pails, 55-gallon (208 L) drums, liquid totes, and bulk containers. For optimal product performance, it is recommended to store the product indoors, away from direct sunlight, at temperatures between 40-100 °F (4-38 °C), in its original packaging. The shelf life of VpCI®-423 is 2 years.

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