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Cortec VpCI® 419 Heavy Duty Degreaser/Cleaner

Cortec VpCI® 419 Heavy Duty Degreaser/Cleaner

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VpCI® 419 Heavy Duty Degreaser and cleaner caters to the cleaning needs of oilfield, industrial, marine equipment and commercial.

In today's market flooded with cleaning compounds, VpCI® 419 stands out as a true powerhouse.

Its formidable cleaning action is attributed to its unique chemical composition. This cleaner alters the structure of stubborn deposits and makes them easily removable by washing with water.

This exceptional cleaner boasts unparalleled capabilities in eliminating tough and stubborn deposits.

Its distinguishing feature includes contact and vapor corrosion inhibitors, providing an added layer of protection to ferrous metals by guarding against flash corrosion. This corrosion-resistant property ensures that sensitive equipment and machinery remain safeguarded during and after the cleaning process.

VpCI® 419 offers versatility and ease of use. It can be effectively included into steam cleaners, power washers, and other cleaning equipment, making it compatible with a wide range of cleaning methods. The product's high solids and low viscosity nature not only enhance its cleaning performance but also contribute to reducing handling and transportation costs in various industrial applications.

Packaging and Storage

To guarantee the best performance and efficacy of VpCI® 419, it is available in various packaging options, including 5-gallon (19 L) pails, 55-gallon (208 L) drums, totes, and bulk containers. For optimal product preservation, it is recommended to store the cleaner in its original packaging indoors, away from direct sunlight, and at temperatures ranging from 40-100 °F (4-38 °C).


  • Unmatched Cleaning Power: VpCI® 419 is a heavy-duty chemical cleaner and degreaser designed to tackle even the most stubborn stains and greasy residues. Its powerful formula has an excellent detergency and remarkable tolerance to hard water, ensuring efficient cleaning performance in various water conditions.
  • Revolutionary Cleaning Action: The secret behind VpCI® 419's effectiveness lies in its unique cleaning properties. By removing hydrocarbon residues and dirt, it effortlessly lifts away contaminants, leaving surfaces gleaming and spotless.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Rest assured that VpCI® 419 prioritises safety and sustainability. Unlike many conventional cleaners, it does not contain hazardous esters, making it non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Energy Savings: With VpCI® 419, you can clean with confidence even at low temperatures. The cleaner's excellent cleaning action at lower temperatures not only saves energy but also ensures a longer-lasting product.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: VpCI® 419 offers unbeatable value for money. Its high concentration and efficiency mean you can achieve outstanding results with less product, making it a highly cost-effective choice for your cleaning needs.
  • Protects Ferrous Metals: In addition to its remarkable cleaning abilities, VpCI® 419 goes the extra mile by providing corrosion protection to ferrous metals. This feature is especially beneficial for preserving the integrity of metal surfaces in various applications.
  • Unique Formula Identifier: With the UFI (Unique Formula Identifier) code: 0X20-203Q-Q00J-5FPE, you can easily identify and access specific details about VpCI® 419's composition and characteristics.

Typical Applications

  1. Removal of stubborn grease and oil build up on industrial machinery and engines.
  2. Clean and degrease surfaces on tank cars and containers
  3. Metal surface preparation on sheet metals before painting or pickling
  4. Minimise contamination on precision-machined parts
  5. General Cleaning on concrete floors, plastics, wood, and glass
  6. Maintaining integrity and cleanliness of tools, pipes, tanks, and vessels in the oilfield industry.
  7. Contributes to the optimal functioning of refinery equipment, vessels, heat exchangers, pipes, and other equipment that accumulate oil and grime over time.

How to apply and prepare

Whether you're dealing with heavy equipment covered in stubborn deposits or performing routine parts washing, VpCI® 419 is the ideal companion for the task.

For effective heavy-duty cleaning, like removing tough deposits from heavy equipment, it is recommended to dilute VpCI® 419 in a ratio of 1 part cleaner to 9 parts water by weight (10% solution). This powerful mixture ensures that even the most stubborn deposits are effectively penetrated and lifted from the surface.

For regular cleaning tasks, such as parts washing, a more economical dilution of 1 part VpCI® 419 to 9-99 parts water by weight (1-10% solution) is sufficient. This flexibility allows you to adjust the cleaning power according to the level of dirt and grime you need to tackle.

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