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Cortec VpCI® 418/VpCI® 418 Safe-T-Charge

Cortec VpCI® 418/VpCI® 418 Safe-T-Charge

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VpCI® 418 is an exceptional heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser. It tackles the most challenging cleaning tasks in commercial, industrial, marine and oil field applications.

This versatile cleaner is especially suitable in power washers, high-agitation washers for parts, and high-pressure washers.

This product provides robust corrosion protection for metal parts after the cleaning process. Your equipment remains in excellent condition, free from corrosive damage, even after exposure to harsh cleaning agents.

VpCI® 418 can remove stubborn sediments such as drawing and buffing compounds, heavy hydrocarbons, tough greases, and machinery oils. Its superior cleaning capabilities enable efficient maintenance of industrial equipment.

VpCI® 418 Safe-T-Charge is packaged in a soluble polyvinyl alcohol bag (PVA). With this simple packaging, you can place the bag directly into the wash system instantly releasing the cleaning power of VpCI® 418 once the packaging dissolves.


Unlike conventional cleaners, VpCI® 418 offers a multitude of cutting-edge features.w

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

The VpCI® 418 formula contains no nitrites and amines. This absence makes it an environmentally friendly option. Its inhibitor package provides unparalleled protection for a wide range of metals. Thus, your equipment and surfaces remain safeguarded against corrosion and deterioration.

Aside from this feature, VpCI® 418 is non-foaming, thus no risk of unwanted spills and potential hazards during the cleaning process. It is also gentle on glass and most plastics.


VpCI® 418 is non-flammable and nitrite-free. So, it's generally a safer option for users and the environment. Moreover, it surpasses conventional phosphate cleaners by eliminating the typical disposal complications associated with them.

Mechanical Application

This feature might seem more of a nuisance but it is not. You'll need mechanical action such as scrubbing and agitation on metals with the toughest hydrocarbon deposits to be truly effective. With this, you maximise the cleaning power of VpCI.

No Residue

Additionally, VpCI® 418 will leave no residue after application. So, it is an ideal choice for surfaces that require pristine conditions. It does not compromise the adhesion qualities of paint, maintaining the integrity of painted surfaces.

Moreover, VpCI® 418 offers comprehensive flash rust prevention, giving you peace of mind in various industrial and manufacturing applications where rapid rusting is a concern.

Effective Uses

VpCI® 418 and VpCI® 418 Safe-T-Charge are highly effective products with a wide range of uses in various industries.

Pretreatment before further processing

One primary application is the treatment of oily plate, metal castings, and sheet metal before pickling/painting. These oily films can create adhesion issues and compromise the quality of the final finish. However, with the help of VpCI® 418/VpCI® 418 Safe-T-Charge, you can clean and prepare these surfaces before further processing.

Removal of Harmful Residues

In industrial processes where stamping, buffing or drawing is involved, residues of compounds can accumulate on metal parts. These accumulated residues lead to corrosion and interfere with subsequent operations. By using VpCI® 418/VpCI® 418 Safe-T-Charge, manufacturers can easily remove these contaminants.

The versatility and efficiency of VpCI® 418/VpCI® 418 Safe-T-Charge make them indispensable in different industries, including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and marine sectors. They not only clean and protect metal surfaces but also help extend the lifespan of equipment and components.

Recommended Dilutions

To begin, simply mix the inhibitor into the water until it is fully dissolved. It is essential to build standard readings for pH and refractometer measurements before application, enabling accurate assessments of the product's effectiveness.

For different cleaning needs, recommended dilutions are as follows:

Light cleaning: For general maintenance and light contamination, create a solution with 2% (by weight) VpCI® 418 mixed in water.
Standard cleaning: Use a 3% of VpCI® 418 when dealing with rail cars, offshore equipment machinery, and tanks with not-so-hard-to-clean deposits.

Heavy-duty cleaning: For more stubborn contaminants such as drilling mud, structures, bilges, grease, crude oil, and concrete surfaces, a 5-8% (by weight) of the corrosion inhibitor in water solution will provide optimal results.

VpCI® 418 is best applied in temperatures ranging from 95ºF to 160ºF (35ºC to 71ºC), ensuring its effectiveness in both warm and moderate climates.

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