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Cortec VpCI®-418 L / VpCI®-418 LM Cleaner & Degreaser

Cortec VpCI®-418 L / VpCI®-418 LM Cleaner & Degreaser

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This VpCI® is a formidable, heavy-duty alkaline cleaner and degreaser. It doesn’t foam. These exceptional solutions have been tailored for the cleaning of machinery through power-washing and high-pressure spraying.

VpCI 418L & 418LM effectively circumvents the disposal challenges frequently linked with conventional phosphate-based cleaners. A remarkable attribute of these formulations is the inclusion of specialised inhibitors, thoughtfully integrated to safeguard metal components against post-cleaning corrosion.

Notably, VpCI® 418L & 418LM displays an unparalleled aptitude for eliminating difficult deposits, heavy hydrocarbons, tenacious greases, resilient drawing, and buffing compounds, as well as persistent mill and machinery oils.


These advanced cleaning solutions go above and beyond to cater to a range of industrial and commercial needs.

  • Nitrite-Free: One of the standout features of these formulations is their nitrite-free composition, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning while maintaining the highest standards of performance.
  • Preservation of Paint Adhesion: The excellence of these inhibitors lies in their ability to clean without compromising the adhesion qualities of painted surfaces. This ensures that the aesthetic and protective aspects of painted equipment remain intact even after cleaning.
  • Compatibility with Diverse Materials: Offering versatility in application, these solutions are safe to use on glass and most plastics, providing a convenient and efficient solution for various surfaces without causing any damage or deterioration.
  • Minimal Foam Formation: A unique feature of these formulations is their non-foaming nature, ensuring a clear and hassle-free cleaning process. This feature becomes particularly advantageous when dealing with sensitive equipment or in situations where excess foam is undesirable.
  • Residue-Free Performance: In the case of the 418LM, its specialised formulation is silicate-free and guarantees a residue-free finish after cleaning. This leaves surfaces immaculate and free from any unwanted deposits.
  • Industrial Cleaning Powerhouse: Engineered for heavy-duty applications, these two are the ultimate solutions for equipment used in commercial, marine, industrial, oil field industry. Their robust formulations are tailored to tackle the most stubborn deposits and contaminants.
  • Adaptability to Varied Cleaning Methods: These formulations are designed to excel in a variety of cleaning processes in power washers, spray washers in high-pressure and high-agitation washers for parts. This adaptability ensures that the products can be seamlessly integrated into existing cleaning setups.
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations: VpCI® 418 L/LM boast the crucial advantages of being non-flammable and free from nitrites. This not only enhances their safety during application but also addresses disposal concerns often associated with traditional phosphate cleaners.
  • Corrosion Protection: These solutions are not just cleaners. They are protectors. By incorporating inhibitors, they offer robust post-cleaning corrosion protection for metal parts, extending the lifespan and reliability of equipment.
  • Rigorous Deposit Removal: Their exceptional cleaning capabilities are evident in their ability to eliminate tough deposits. These include greases, heavy hydrocarbons, oils (in mill and machineries), and buffing compounds.


  • Effective Hydrocarbon Deposit Removal: VpCI® 418 L/LM offers an exceptional cleaning action and eliminates hydrocarbon deposits from various surfaces.
  • Flash Rust Prevention: This solution goes beyond standard rust prevention by actively inhibiting the occurrence of flash rust, thus maintaining the integrity and appearance of surfaces exposed to moisture or adverse environmental conditions.
  • Comprehensive Multi-metal Protection: With its advanced corrosion protection capabilities, VpCI®-418 L and LM safeguards a variety of metal types, ensuring that valuable equipment and assets remain shielded from corrosion-related damage, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing longevity.


  • Degreasing Machinery and Engine Blocks: VpCI® 418 L/LM is recommended for cleaning engine blocks, forgings and machineries, engine blocks coated with grease or oil deposits, effectively removing these contaminants and preparing the surfaces for further processing.
  • Preparing Metal Surfaces for Painting or Pickling: This corrosion inhibitor can treat sheet metals with oily films. Other applications included preparing plate and metal castings. It assists in eliminating oily films and creating a suitable surface for subsequent treatments.
  • Decontaminating Metal Parts: VpCI® 418 L/LM is employed for decontaminating metal parts exposed to compounds used in buffing, drawing and stamping. By removing these compounds, the solution helps restore the integrity of the metal parts.
  • Pressure Washing and Cleaning: The corrosion inhibitor is employed in pressure washing applications. It aids in the cleaning process by effectively removing contaminants and residues from various metal surfaces. You can use VpCI® 418 L/LM with sprayers and power washers. However, it should be noted that its effectiveness relies on mechanical action.


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