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Cortec VpCI® 384 Solvent-Based Topcoat

Cortec VpCI® 384 Solvent-Based Topcoat

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VpCI® 384 is an advanced solvent-based 2K urethane topcoat, designed to deliver exceptional protection in demanding outdoor environments without the need for multiple coats.

This cutting-edge coating system is specially formulated with a complex blend of non-toxic, organic inhibitors, ensuring robust protection that rivals traditional paints and zinc-rich primers.

Engineered to withstand harsh conditions and exposure to the elements, VpCI® 384 excels in unsheltered applications, making it an ideal choice for outdoor projects requiring long-lasting durability. Its versatile nature allows it to safeguard a wide range of metals, making it a reliable choice for multi-metal protection.

Additionally, this topcoat boasts excellent UV resistance, safeguarding surfaces against harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause fading and degradation over time. This feature ensures that the coating maintains its vibrant appearance and protective properties even under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Moreover, VpCI® 384 offers versatility in customisation, as it can be expertly matched to various custom colours, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic while still enjoying the topcoat's superior protective qualities.

In summary, VpCI® 384 provides unmatched protection, outstanding UV resistance, and a broad spectrum of colour options for a diverse range of challenging outdoor applications. Its advanced formulation with non-toxic organic inhibitors sets it apart from conventional coatings, making it a top-tier choice for projects requiring top-tier protection.

Packaging & Storage

VpCI® 384 is available in 4-gallon (15.1 liters) kits, 3 gallons Part A, 1 gallon Part B. Product shelf life is 1 year.


Surface preparation is crucial for ensuring proper adhesion of the coating to the substrate. Before application, the substrate must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any contaminants or rust inhibitors. The surface should be free of dirt, grease, oil, fingerprints, and drawing compounds. Use a pre-treatment component such as 440 on production lines.

In the case of structural steel, use NACE No.3/ SSPC - SP 6. However, before proceeding with the full-scale application, it is essential to ask Cortec® and/or perform adhesion tests on the system.

When dealing with aluminium, galvanised or plated surfaces, apply first a wash primer using VpCI 373 before coating with topcoat VpCI® 384. Depending on the specific coating requirements, you can also use other recommended primers such as 395 & 396.

To ensure the application process goes smoothly, the dew point should be at least 2°C, which is lower than the room air temperature.

Regarding the mix ratio, prepare the coating as follows: 3 parts Part A (3 gal/11.3 l) and 1 part Part B (1 gal/3.8 l). Achieve an even viscosity through agitating. You can use a cylindrical or hand-held mixer. The VpCI® 384 can be applied using various methods such as spraying, rolling, brushing, or dipping.

For those using a pressure pot setup during mixing, allow 15-30 minutes of sweat-in time before application. The pot life of the mixture is 2-3 hours. Optionally, Super Accelerator S can be added to accelerate the cure time, with a maximum of 6 oz. per gallon.

By following these guidelines and ensuring proper surface preparation and mixing, the application of VpCI® 384 will yield the best results for your project.

Clean Up

When the paint is still wet, wash the equipment and tools with butyl acetate immediately. Use Butyl Cellusolve or MEK when it's dry. When using any solvent, follow the manufacturer's precautionary recommendations.

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