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Cortec VpCI® 382 Water-Based Urethane Topcoat

Cortec VpCI® 382 Water-Based Urethane Topcoat

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VpCI® 382 is a water-based urethane topcoat designed to deliver rapid drying and exceptional protection.

It is perfect to apply on metals designed for outdoor use. This advanced 2K one-coat system offers a unique blend of non-toxic, organic inhibitors. It rivals the shielding capabilities of many paints and zinc-rich primers.

One of the standout features of VpCI® 382 is its ability to provide comprehensive multi-metal protection. It is a versatile choice for various applications. Moreover, it boasts excellent UV resistance. The topcoat’s gloss can last long. Its colour can remain vibrant even under prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight.

You can easily customise VpCI® 382. Whatever aesthetic design you want, you can have it. Despite this, you can still enjoy outstanding corrosion protection on metal surfaces.

Overall, VpCI® 382 sets a new standard. It offers a perfect balance of performance, convenience, and eco-friendliness for all your unsheltered outdoor projects.

Packaging and Storage

VpCI®-382 Water-Based Urethane Topcoat comes in convenient packaging options. It is available in 6-gallon (22.6 liter) kits. Each kit contains 4 gallons of Part A and 2 gallons of Part B. To ensure product integrity, it is essential to prevent freezing during storage. The product has a shelf life of 1 year, which is enough time for usage and storage without compromising its performance.


Surface preparation is crucial for achieving strong adhesion of the coating. Thoroughly clean the surface and remove dirt, drawing compounds, rust inhibitors, oil, fingerprints, or any other substances that could hinder adhesion.

In production line scenarios, recommended pre-treatment inhibitor is VpCI®-440 or similar for best results. For structural steel, use SSPC-SP 6/ NACE no. 3 commercial blast clean.

For aluminium, galvanised, or plated substrates, apply a primer like VpCI® 373 green at a thickness of 0.5 to 1.0 mils (or 12.5 to 25 microns) before using VpCI® 382. Alternatively, you may use VpCI® 395 and 396 as primers based on specific coating requirements. It's important to consider the environmental conditions during application. Always ensure that the condensation point is at least 5°F but lower than the air temperature.

Consult with Cortec® and perform adhesion tests before proceeding with the full-scale application.

Mix Ratio

  • 4 Part Part A - 4 gal (15l).
  • 1 Part Part B - 1 gal (3.8l).

To achieve a uniform viscocity of the VpCI®-382 coating, you can use hand-held or cylindricaltype mixer. Apply VpCI®-382 with rolling, spraying, dipping or brushing methods.

For pressure pot setups, allow 15-30 minutes of sweat-in time. Remember, the pot life of the coating is approximately 2-3 hours. To accelerate the cure time, you can use an accelerator called Accelerator W, with a maximum ratio of 6 oz. per gallon.

Equipment Set-ups

You can follow these recommendations for different equipment set-ups

Conventional / HVLP Spray:

  • Nozzle Size: .009"-.021", depending on pressures & viscosity.
  • Air Pressure: between 45 and 55 psi.
  • Fluid Pressure: max 10 psi.
  • Recommended Fluid hose: 0.95 cm I.D. with up to 50 feet maximum in length. The pot should have two controls and be kept at the same elevation as the spray gun.

Air-Assisted Airless & Airless:

  • Nozzle Size: .015" to 035", dependent on consistency and pressures.
  • Pressure: minimum 1800, maximum of 2500 psi.
  • Recommended Hose: 0.95 cm I.D. minimum and a 0.64 cm ID whip end for easy application. A maximum 100 feet is suggested.

Clean Up

After using paint, make sure to promptly clean tools and equipment with water while the topcoat is still damp. If in case the primer dries, use MEK or Butyl Cellusolve for cleaning purposes. Always adhere to the manufacturer's safety guidelines when handling any solvent.

Product Specifications (.PDF)

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