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Cortec VpCI® 338 VpCI® 338 SC for Indoor Corrosion Prevention

Cortec VpCI® 338 VpCI® 338 SC for Indoor Corrosion Prevention

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VpCI®-338 represents a convenient solution for indoor corrosion prevention, harnessing proven vapor phase technology.

This waterborne inhibitor offers ease of use, safeguarding metal surfaces and delivering notable time and cost efficiencies. Primarily utilised for edge treating coils and stacks or fogging packages and containers, VpCI® 338 requires minimal product for comprehensive protection over expansive areas. Its effectiveness extends to ferrous metals, aluminium, and tin-plated steels, reliably demonstrated through wet stack and humidity testing.

Protected products emerge ready for use, eliminating the need for additional degreasing or stripping by end-users, while maintaining a pristine, rust-free appearance. Moreover, VpCI® 338 doubles as a proficient cleaner and degreaser. Compliant with Food and Drug Administration standards (CFR 21, §178.3300), its ingredients are deemed safe for use on steel or tinplate in food packaging.

Additionally, the United States Department of Agriculture approves VpCI® 338 for indirect contact with meat and poultry food products, further underscoring its reliability and versatility.

Features that offer corrosion prevention

VpCI® 338 contains vapour phase inhibitors that offer comprehensive corrosion protection across multiple metals.

  • Creates a thin, environmentally friendly film that possesses self-healing properties.
  • Functions as a versatile cleaner and degreaser suitable for food processing equipment and plants.
  • Offers immediate protection, with a convenient application process and easy removal when necessary.
  • Maintains compatibility with the welding process without any adverse effects.
  • Contains FDA-approved ingredients, making it safe for application on steel, tinplate, & various other metals utilised in food processing and packaging.
  • Also offered in concentrated form as VpCI® 338 SC.

Typical Application

Protect stacks, coils, and sheets effortlessly with VpCI® 338, a highly effective and enduring solution. Simply apply a fine mist of VpCI® 338 evenly onto laps and edges. Its unique vapour action penetrates interior surfaces vulnerable to moisture-induced corrosion.

VpCI® 338 is compatible with all grades of hot and cold-rolled steel, tinplate, aluminium, and pre-coated steels. It can be seamlessly integrated into various processing stages, including between pickling and cold rolling, after temper rolling, drawing, quenching, slitting, stamping, hydrotesting, wet stacking, and more.

Additionally, VpCI® 338 is invaluable for fogging the interiors of containers, truck trailers, rooms, rail cars, ships’ hulls, and more, providing temporary protection for stored metal.

Typical Properties


VpCI® 338

VpCI® 338 SC


Milky white liquid

Clear, slightly Yellow liquid





355-710ft gal (8-18



Film Type

Thin, soft film


Film Thickness

0.25-0.5 mil (6.3-12.5



Flash Point

250ºF (121ºC)

219ºF (103ºC)

Freeze Point

32ºF (0ºC)

27º F (-10ºC)

Non-volatile content




10-11 (neat)

10-10.5 (1% aqueous)


8.2-8.4 lb/gal

(0.98-1.01 kg/1)

7.6-7.8 lb /gal

(0.91-0.93 kg/1)

Removal method

Water of Alkaline cleaners (Cortec® VpCI®-410 series)


Packaging & Storage

Available packaging of VpCI® 338 is 5 gallons/19 liters in container plastic pails, 55 gallons/208 liters in totes, metal drums, & bulk. Shelf life on storage is up to 24 months.

  • Minimum temperature on storage: 32ºF/0ºC.
  • Maximum temperature on storage: 120ºF/49ºC.

Standard Test Methods

Test Method



ASTM D-1748

Corrosion Resistance

200 Hours


Product Specifications (.PDF)

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