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Cortec ElectriCorr® VpCI® 239 Outdoor Multi-Metal Cleaner & Protector 9.45 oz / 267.75grm Spray Cans

Cortec ElectriCorr® VpCI® 239 Outdoor Multi-Metal Cleaner & Protector 9.45 oz / 267.75grm Spray Cans

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ElectriCorr® VpCI®-239 is a high performance electrical corrosion prevention spray metal cleaner and protector that can be used outdoors to protect sensitive electrical installations from rust damage.

Available in either a convenient 9.45 oz (267.75 gram) aerosol spray can or a 5 Gallon (19ltr) drum.


ElectriCorr® VpCI 239 is a market leading, performance enhanced outdoor electrical corrosion prevention spray.

Effective as a contact cleaner too VpCI 239 will remove oil, wax, dirt and other contaminants from treated surfaces.

VpCI 239 works to form a very thin, mono layer film that protects surfaces from aggressive conditions that may be encountered in industrial, marine and tropical environments.

ElectriCorr® products utilise the world renowned VpCI Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology. This molecules contained within this formula disparate and continuously sublimate after application to protect the most difficult and hard to reach areas.

Compatible with the majority of non metallic materials as well as elastomers and polymers VpCI 239 is perfect for protecting sensitive parts and equipment outdoors.

Benefits of VpCI 239 electrical corrosion prevention

  • Outstanding outdoor corrosion protection.
  • Can also be used indoors.
  • Quick-drying non stick corrosion inhibitor film.
  • Cleans dirt, oil and wax contaminants safely and effectively.
  • Compatible with both ferrous and non ferrous metals.
  • Requires minimal field service.
  • High performance corrosion preventative at a reduced cost when compared to traditional products.
  • Both CFC & Trichlorenthane free.
  • VpCI mechanism of action is perfect for restricted or hard to reach areas.
  • Displays both moisture displacement and film penetration characteristics.

Applications for EletriCorr® VpCI 239®

  • Asset preservation when applied to the cleaned surfaces of parts and equipment.
  • De-watering following aqueous cleaning.
  • Temporary protection in between processing steps.
  • Pump preservation.
  • Electric motor preservation.
  • Can be used with engineering plastics as well as non-metal materials and some elastomers.
  • Outdoor installations like generators and junction boxes.
  • Electrical outlets both indoors and outdoors.

Can be used in conjunction with other Cortec VpCI packaging products for a complete and optimal corrosion protection solution. Consider misting VpCI 239 within a VpCI Bag enclosure. Other compatible formats include EcoSonic® ESD Anti Static Paper for an eco-friendly electronics packaging solution.

Packaging & Storage

ElectriCorr® VpCI 239 is available in a convenient 9.45oz (267.75grm) aerosol spray can. 6 x cans per box.

For larger bulk applications 5 gallon (19ltr) pails are also available as well 55 gallon (208ltr) sizes.

VpCI 239 has a shelf life of 3 years.

For optimal performance keep VpCI 239 stored in it’s original packaging indoors and away from direct sunlight. Temperatures 40-100°F (4-38 °C).


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