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Cortec VpCI® 131 AntiStatic Foam Shapes 2 x 10" (5.08 x 25 cm)

Cortec VpCI® 131 AntiStatic Foam Shapes 2 x 10" (5.08 x 25 cm)

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Cortec VpCI®131 antistatic foam shapes provide outstanding, market leading protection for sensitive metals and electronics.

Ideal for export packaging the triple action of desiccant, antistatic and VpCI protects your goods from the usual hazards encountered in the supply chain. VpCI 130 is available in pre-cut shaped rectangles, 2 x 10″ (5.08 x 25cm) and will provide protection up to a radius of 1.5ft³ or 0.042m³.

Cortec’s range of VpCI® 130 antistatic foam shapes are an innovative flexible packaging material that provide dual antistatic and desiccant protection for sensitive goods.

Further enhanced with VpCI these antistatic foam shapes eliminate the need for costly and difficult legacy rust prevention methods. With VpCI 130 your parts remain ready for use with no post packaging removals or degreasing treatments required.

When used effectively significant weight and labour savings can be achieved.

Suitable for a variety of metal parts the VpCI 130 range of antistatic foams provides continuous protection against the usual corrosion culprits including humidity, condensation, salt air and harsh industrial atmospheres or impurities. This formula also prevents galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals.

Enhanced Protection With VpCI® Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors

Cortec’s VpCI 130 emitter series all contain the sophisticated Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology impregnated throughout the polymeric matrix that makes up the foam. These foams protect both ferrous and non ferrous metals as well as alloys including steel, copper, brass, silver, zinc and solder.

Protects metals such as:

  • Aluminium.
  • Brass.
  • Solder.
  • Carbon Steel.
  • Silver.
  • Galvanised Steel.
  • Zinc & Copper.

Furthermore VpCI 131 does not change the essential chemical and/or physical properties of electrical components, making them suitable protection for a variety of electronic items including Printed Circuit Boards.

Benefits of VpCI® 130 AntiStatic Foam Products

VpCI 130 products are both nitrate and chromate free. The patented VpCI formula provides fast acting & easy to use protection. VpCI 130 anti static foams contain approximately 10 times the amount of active VpCI chemicals per square meter when compared to legacy deliveries such as VCI paper and other anti corrosion wrapping paper products.

This makes them a highly suitable solution for protecting sensitive products with large surface areas. (steel & aluminium coils etc). The unique design of VpCI 130 products allows for a combination of both high and low pressures VpCI’s affords long-term protection in export packaging, sea container shipping & other crate solutions.

VpCI 130 foams can be used in conjunction with VpCI 126 Bags for an effective long term VpCI packaging solution.


VpCI 130 foams provide strong protection in hermitically sealed enclosures (consider one of our heat sealer machines for optimal seals). As long as there are no barriers between the surface of the product and the VpCI molecules the placement of the foam is not important, continuing to work into the long term. The VpCI molecules and the product itself essentially have access to the same air space.

The product is not intended to be used for cushioning purposes. Consider VpCI 150 adhesive backed tape for projects where this is required.

VpCI 130 antistatic foams have a shelf life of 2 years when kept in their original packaging.

VpCI 130


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