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Cortec VpCI® 111 Patented Emitters With Breathable Membrane

Cortec VpCI® 111 Patented Emitters With Breathable Membrane

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Cortec VpCI® 111 emitter capsules are state of the art, patent pending units formulated to provide corrosion protection for metal parts & components that are hermitically heat sealed in non-ventilated electronics boxes, control displays & tool storage up to 11 cubic feet/312 litre’s.

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Cortec VPCI 111 emitter capsules are unique, patented devices designed to provide corrosion protection for metal parts & components that are enclosed in non-ventilated electrical boxes, control cabinets and tool boxes up to 11 cubic feet/312 litre’s.

These VCI emitters feature Cortec’s proprietary VPCI® (vapour phase corrosion inhibitor) technology. This sophisticated VPCI formula bonds to the internal metal surfaces around it forming a molecular layer to protect critical, complicated or expensive equipment from corrosion damage.

Benefits of Cortec VPCI 111 emitters

  • Cost effective & economical to use.
  • Keeps working and continuously protecting for up to 24 months either during operation or when inactive.
  • Particularly effective in polluted & humid environments.
  • Does not interfere with equipment’s mechanical or electrical performance in any way.
  • Offers multi-metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals rust protection.
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • Non-toxic and safe to whoever is handling the device.
  • Compact and saves space.
  • Nitrates, halogens & phosphates free.
  • Does not require spraying, wiping or dipping.
  • Impressive environmental credentials at both a national and international level. VOC (volatile organic compound) values in line with the strict levels/regulations prescribed in the Southern California Clean Air Act.
  • Self-adhesive backing and date label.
  • FDA approved for the corrosion protection of electronic equipment’s within food processing facilities.
  • Approved for use by both NATO and the United States military.

Applications for Cortec VPCI 111 emitters

  • Electronics equipment either operational, packaged or being stored.
  • Marine navigation & communication devices.
  • Aviation electronic controls.
  • Electronic motors.
  • Switching equipment.
  • Fuse and power supply housings.
  • Medical devices and equipment.
  • Electrical wire ways & terminals.
  • Scientific devices and measuring equipment.
  • Telecoms equipment and remote control electrical devices.

How to Install

  1. VPCI 111 is extremely simple to operate and install. You should try to install the VPCI emitters as soon as possible, ideally at the point of manufacture or assembly. This is to avoid accelerated use of the rust inhibitor formula, once removed from it’s packaging/housing the VPCI formula will have migrated completely from the capsule to the metal surfaces nearby needing protection within a matter of hours.
  2. Simply select an area within an enclosed space/environment where corrosion protection or rust prevention would be needed.
  3. Check to ensure the area where the device is to be places is clean and debris free.
  4. Peel off protective carrier strip located at the bottom of the device. Underneath you will see a self-adhesive label to install/attach the emitter as well a space to note the installation & replacement dates.
  5. Attach to the clean surface.

Additional Information

  • VPCI 111 emitters can be installed in any position.
  • For volumes of 11ft³ (312ltr’s) or greater use more than one VPCI 111 capsule.
  • If the environment is not air-tight or is exposed to continuous air flow (doors opening) ensure you replace the capsule more frequently than once every 2 years.
  • Following heavy maintenance and/or repair replace the emitter. For optimal rust protection spray on a light mist or coating of ElectriCorr® VPCI 238.
  • National stock number (NSN) # 6850-01-40809025. IBM approval # 44V5421.
  • Product contains powdered ingredients that are the commercial equivalent to MIL-1-22110C.

Test Methods Used

  • NACE TM0208-2008 (vapour inhibiting ability).
  • NACE RP0487-2000 (rust preventatives) & MIL-I-22110C (vapour inhibiting ability).

Packaging & Storage

Do not expose product to temperatures in excess of 185° (85°C). VPCI 111 comes packaged in 10 individually wrapped emitters per carton.

To ensure optimal product performance store in original packaging, indoors and out of direct sunlight between 40 & 80 °F (4 to 38°).

Shelf life is 2 years.


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