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Cortec VpCI® 105 Patented Emitters With Breathable Membrane

Cortec VpCI® 105 Patented Emitters With Breathable Membrane

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Cortec VpCI 105® Emitter Pads are a best in class, enhanced VCI emitter.

Perfect for the protection of sensitive metals within packaging enclosures they are particular well suited for protecting electronic equipment from corrosion. Each pad emits the sophisticated Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors that can protect surfaces up to a radius of 5 cubic feet (141.6 ltr’s).


Cortec VpCI 105 Emitter pads are an innovative and unique design that provides outstanding corrosion protection for sensitive metal components and parts.

Cortec VpCI 105 emitters are designed to protect critical, components and parts that are enclosed in non-ventilated areas. Control boxes, cabinets and tool boxes are all suitable areas in which to place VpCI emitter devices. Each device can protect up to 4 cubic feet or 141.6 ltr’s of space. Using the renowned Cortec Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI®) each unit emits a vapour that migrates to the metal surface nearby, forming a protection coating.

VpCI 105 is a patented design that contains a breathable Tyvek® membrane that allows the corrosion inhibitors to permeate through and attach to the metal surface. This sophisticated mechanism of action provides long term corrosion protection even in harsh conditions. It will shield your valuable parts from the usual culprits including marine air, moisture, environmental contaminants as well as H2S, SO2 & NH3.

Cortec VpCI 105 Applications

Use VpCI 105 in a variety of enclosures and areas including:

  • Export packaging enclosures.
  • Maritime navigation and electrical communication equipment.
  • Electrical motors.
  • Power & fuse boxes.
  • Medial devices and equipment.
  • Electrical wireways and other terminal boxes.
  • Scientific measuring and calibrations equipment.
  • Telecoms equipment.
  • Remote control devised.
  • Hand Held electronics (battery operated).
  • Tool boxes and other metal storage enclosures.


  • Cost effective to use.
  • Long term, continuous protection for up to 24 months.
  • Works well in polluted, aggressive and humid environments.
  • Inert product that does not interfere with the electrical, optical or mechanical. properties of sensitive equipment.
  • Gives multi metal protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Can protect machinery when down for maintenance or calibration.
  • VpCI 105 emitters remain completely safe to whoever is handling them.
  • Compact design saves on space.
  • Free from nitrates, phosphates & halogens.
  • Self adhesive backing.
  • Self adhesive date recording label.
  • Approved by the FDA for the corrosion protection of electrical equipment that is used within food processing facilities.
  • Recognised and approved by the US military and NATO.
  • National Stock Number (NSN) 6850 01 406 2060.

How to Apply

VpCI is very easy to install and. Place the device in the enclosure at the earliest possible opportunity. Select a place within the enclosure that would benefit from corrosion protection, ensure it is clean and debris free before attaching. Peel back the self adhesive strip and attach.

Cortec VpCI 105® emitter pads can be placed in any position. For volumes that exceed the 5 cubic feet (141.6 ltr) protection radius use more than one device as required.

For environment’s or enclosures that are frequently opened we advise replacing the 105 more frequently than every 2 years. Also replace the device after heavy maintenance periods.

For enhanced protection use VpCI 105 pads in conjunction with VpCI 238 or VpCI 239 electrical contact cleaner sprays. Flexible packaging like the range of VpCI bags and films are also highly compatible.

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