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Cortec S 8

Cortec S 8

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Cortec S 8 is a distinctive product crafted exclusively from FDA listed ingredients.

It boasts efficacy even at low concentrations, delivering outstanding corrosion protection both above and below the waterline, as well as at the air/water interface. Particularly invaluable for safeguarding packed metallic food cans during washing or sterilisation processes.

Featuring a non-toxic "green" filming corrosion inhibitor, S 8 surpasses other environmentally friendly inhibitors with its superior stability and the formation of a thin, non-sticky protective layer. Additionally, it includes a Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitor and demonstrates compatibility with most water chemistries.

Registered with the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program as an AX category compound, S 8 is deemed suitable for use in cleaning products within food processing areas where direct food contact is not intended.

Packaging & Storage of S 8

S 8 can be found in various packaging sizes, including 5-gallon (or 19 L) plastic containers, 55-gallon (208 L) bulk, liquid totes and metal drums quantities.

For optimal performance, it is recommended to store the product in its original packaging, indoors, away from direct sunlight, within a temperature range of 40-100 °F (4-38 °C).


  • Economical.
  • Contains 71% biobased component, certified by USDA.
  • Qualifies under BioPreferred Program* set by USD, which a requirement in the mandatory federal purchasing initiative.
  • Compatible with many water-treatment products.
  • Efficient against rusting/corrosion of disinfectant.
  • No hydrolysing during the usage.

Typical Properties


Slightly hazy yellowish liquid


10.5-11.5 (1% in water)

Non-Volatile Content



8.3-8.6 lb/gal (99-1.03 kg/L)


Typical Application

Food cans during sterilisation and washing infused with corrosion inhibitor products.


Add S 8 continuously using a specific concentration level, which is 150 to 250 ppm.

 Toxicity Information


Daphnia Magna

48 hr LC50

140.2 mg/L

48 hr NOEC

100 mg/L

48 hr LOEC

150 mg/L


Fathead Minnow

96 hr LC50

298.9 mg/L

96 hr NOEC

200 mg/L

96 hr LOEC

300 mg/L

96 hr LC1

(Probit Method)

171.3 mg/L


Rainbow Trout

96 hr LC50

296.6 mg/L

96 hr NOEC

200 mg/L

96 hr LOEC

300 mg/L

96 hr LC1

(Probit Method)

185.5 mg/L


S-8 additive includes only components listed under the following corrosion protection regulations:

  • FDA# 21 CFR - 175.105
  • FDA# 21 CFR - 173.310
  • FDA# 21 CFR - 176.210


Product Specifications (.PDF)

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