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Cortec MF Liquid Nuclear Grade-69

Cortec MF Liquid Nuclear Grade-69

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VpCI® Water Treatment Liquid Nuclear Corrosion Inhibitors

This MF Liquid contains an exceptional corrosion inhibitor that vaporises to protect metals. With an advanced formulation, this inhibitor offers unparalleled protection for a wide range of metals.

This liquid inhibitor forms a layer on the surface of the metals. This layer serves as an impenetrable shield. Thus, it can guard against corrosion in different phases.

Metals are often immersed in water, exposed to humid air, or experience fluctuations between the liquid and vapor phases. But with the Nuclear Grade-69 inhibitor, you can protect and extend the lifespan of vital equipment. As a result, you can reduce maintenance costs.

The MF Liquid (Nuclear Grade-69) is developed using cutting-edge technology. It meets stringent quality standards. Thus, it is a reliable choice for water treatment plants, industrial facilities, and any application where metal corrosion poses a threat.

Benefits of Application

The vapor inhibitor serves as an essential additive for anticorrosion in water treatment formulations. Its primary purpose is to replace the usage of restricted chemicals such as chromates, phosphonates, nitrites, and other corrosion inhibitors. This innovative additive offers a wide range of applications. It ensures the protection of critical equipment and systems in various industries.

Easy to Use

One of the remarkable features of this product is its ease of application. It is convenient to use during water treatment processes. Its user-friendly nature allows for seamless integration into existing systems. You don’t need extensive modifications. Moreover, its excellent thermal stability ensures consistent performance even under extreme temperature conditions.


The MF Liquid versatility extends to its exceptional resistance to degradation. You can apply this liquid in diverse water chemistries and challenging application conditions. Thus, this additive remains steadfast in its protective capabilities. It effectively guards against corrosion in various settings. This includes harsh marine environments where seawater poses significant challenges.

Resilient Performance

Furthermore, you can use this inhibitor when temperatures approach the boiling point. This resilient property makes it an ideal choice for industrial processes.


  • Protection for Various Metal Surfaces. The MF Liquid Nuclear Grade-69 VpCI® Water Treatment Corrosion Inhibitors are designed to offer unparalleled protection for various metal surfaces. This cutting-edge solution effectively shields carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and its alloys, copper, and other metals from corrosion and pitting, ensuring their longevity and reliability.
  • Effective in Different Cooling Systems. These inhibitors demonstrate exceptional effectiveness in both open and closed-loop cooling systems. They are the ideal choice for diverse industrial applications. With the inclusion of both contact and vapor phase corrosion inhibitors, this innovative formula ensures comprehensive protection against corrosion.
  • Wide Compatibility. This liquid inhibitor is compatible with the majority of water treatment programs. Thus, you can seamlessly integrate it into existing systems without causing any disruptions. Additionally, its adaptability extends to other water treatment chemicals. The inhibitor harmoniously works with commercially available biocides and antiscalants. As a result, it promotes a synergistic effect that enhances overall performance.
  • Safe with the Environment. Ensuring an environmentally responsible approach, the MF Liquid VpCI® Water Treatment Corrosion Inhibitors are formulated to be nitrite, chromate, and heavy metal-free. This eco-friendly composition emphasises the importance of sustainability without compromising on its efficacy.
  • Multiple Ways to Apply. In its liquid form, the application of these inhibitors becomes remarkably simple and hassle-free. It offers convenience and ease of use to operators. You can apply through spraying, dipping, or any other preferred method. Regardless, the liquid form ensures even coverage and uniform protection across metal surfaces.
  • Packaging and Storage. This liquid is available in different packaging options including pails, liquid totes, drums and bulk. The pail packaging has 5 gallon or 19 litres option while the drums, bulk and liquid totes are available in 55-gallon or 208 litres.


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