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Cortec M-529/M-529 L/M-529 SC, Patented Oil Based Corrosion Inhibitor

Cortec M-529/M-529 L/M-529 SC, Patented Oil Based Corrosion Inhibitor

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The revolutionary M-529/M-529 L/M-529 SC is a patented oil-based corrosion inhibitor.

It takes lubricating oil protection to a whole new level. With a meticulously crafted formula, M-529 offers exceptional corrosion resistance during regular and intermittent operations.

M-529 caters to a wide range of lubricating oils, including mineral and synthetic oils such as iso-paraffinic, PAOs, naphthenic, and more. Its versatile nature allows it to seamlessly integrate into various lubrication systems.

This variant contains an enhanced package of EP lubricity. It is ideal for applications where extreme pressure lubricity is required. Gears, transmissions, and other critical components can benefit from the added protection and performance delivered by M-529 L.

M-529 SC combats severe corrosion challenges. This corrosion inhibitor excels in safeguarding machinery exposed to harsh environments or corrosive substances, making it the ultimate choice for industries with demanding operating conditions.


  • Comprehensive Corrosion Protection. M-529/M-529 L/M-529 SC is a state-of-the-art corrosion inhibitor specially formulated to safeguard both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion. With its advanced composition, it provides an impenetrable shield against rust, oxidation, and other corrosive elements. Thus, it ensures the prolonged lifespan of your valuable equipment and machinery.
  • Environmentally Friendly Formula. We understand the importance of sustainability and the preservation of our planet. That's why M-529/M-529 L/M-529 SC has been meticulously crafted to be eco-friendly. It is free from hazardous substances like barium, chromates, nitrites, and phosphate-based inhibitors.
  • Protection in the Presence of Chlorides. Often, industrial environments involve exposure to chlorides. Chlorides can significantly accelerate corrosion rates. Our revolutionary corrosion inhibitor is engineered to thrive even in the presence of chlorides. It provides unmatched protection in the harshest operating conditions.
  • Uncompromising Performance at Low Temperatures. Maintaining optimal fluid performance is crucial, especially at lower temperatures. M-529/M-529 L/M-529 SC demonstrates its versatility by not affecting the pour point and viscosity of fluids when added at the recommended concentration. This ensures your equipment remains reliable and efficient, even in extreme cold weather conditions.
  • Compatibility with Various Oils. We understand that different industries rely on a wide range of oils, both mineral and synthetic. Our corrosion inhibitor is designed to be highly compatible with most types of mineral and synthetic oils. This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your existing lubrication systems.
  • Super concentrated. For those seeking the utmost efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we offer M-529 SC in a super-concentrated form. This concentrated variant ensures maximum protection with minimal usage, allowing you to optimise your operational costs without compromising on the performance of your metal assets.
  • Future of Corrosion Protection. M-529/M-529 L/M-529 SC represents the pinnacle of corrosion inhibition technology. With its robust features, environmentally conscious formula, and adaptability to various conditions and oils, it is the ideal choice for industries seeking reliable, long-lasting, and efficient protection against corrosion. Invest in the future of metal asset preservation with M-529/M-529 L/M-529 SC.
  • Typical Application. These patented oil-based corrosion inhibitors are specifically designed for lubricating oil systems during intermittent operations. To ensure optimal protection, follow the recommended concentration guidelines:
    • M-529: Add 2-5% by weight to the lubricating oil.
    • M-529 SC: Add 1.5-3.5% by weight to the lubricating oil
    • M-529 L: Add 3-6% by weight to the lubricating oil

Metals Protected:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Bronze

Performance Properties

M-529 is an exceptional oil additive with a range of performance benefits. One of its key features is its ability to protect engines from corrosion during storage, while simultaneously reducing high-temperature oxidation and metal wear in operating engines.

In rigorous tests, M-529 demonstrated its efficacy. For instance, when added to Castrol Dieselall® SAE 10W30 and SAE 15W40 engine oils, it significantly enhanced the protection of both carbon steel and copper in a humid atmosphere, as per ASTM D 1748. Furthermore, M-529 effectively shielded carbon steel during the Ball Run Test, even in acidic conditions.

M-529 proved to be chemically and physically compatible with engine oil in various challenging tests, such as the Cummins High-Temperature Corrosion Bench Test and Multimetal Cummins Bench Corrosion Test, where it displayed no adverse effects.

Field tests conducted on a gasoline-powered V-8 engine confirmed the advantages of using M-529 in engine oil. It notably reduced metal wear and preserve the oil from oxidation, enhancing engine performance and longevity.

The efficacy of M-529 was further evidenced in the ASTM D 5182 test, which evaluated the Scuffing Load Capacity of Oils (FZG). When combined with Exxon Mobil 320 SHS at a concentration of 4.5%, M-529 L successfully passed Load Stage 12.

Packaging and Storage

M-529 comes in plastic pail, bulk quantities, metal drums, and liquid totes. The plastic pails are in 5-gallon varieties. On the other hand, metal drums, bulk quantities and liquid totes are available in 55 gallons. Proper sealing before storage is recommended. The product has a shelf life of up to 24 months.

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