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Cortec EcoLine® AL-Corr™

Cortec EcoLine® AL-Corr™

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EcoLine® AL-Corr™ is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor. It is designed to safeguard aluminum agricultural irrigation pipes from corrosion damage.

Whether during constant irrigation system operation or periods of intermittent water flow, this remarkable solution ensures optimal protection. It is a blend of biodegradable materials.

Its innovative formulation provides a reliable shield against corrosion. It also adheres to the principles of sustainability, making it a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious users. The biodegradable components enhance their biocompatibility. Thus, they enable seamless integration with irrigation water and pose no risk to crops or soil health.

EcoLine® AL-Corr™ offers long-lasting defense against the damaging effects of moisture and other environmental factors. The corrosion inhibitor forms a protective barrier on the surface. It prevents the onset of corrosion and safeguards the structural integrity of the pipes over extended periods.

Moreover, the product's biodegradability ensures that it poses no harm to the ecosystem, reflecting a commitment to responsible agricultural practices. Farmers and agriculturalists can rely on EcoLine® AL-Corr™ to extend the lifespan of their irrigation systems while minimising their environmental footprint.

Packaging and Storage

EcoLine® AL-Corr™ comes in various container options, including 5-gallon (19 L) pails, 55-gallon (208 L) drums, liquid totes, and bulk packaging. For optimal product performance, it is recommended to store the product indoors, in its original packaging, and away from direct sunlight within a temperature range of 40-100 °F (4-38 °C). The shelf life of this product is two years.


EcoLine® AL-Corr™ offers a plethora of exceptional features that set it apart as a top-tier solution for corrosion inhibition.

Water Solubility

This feature allows for effortless and rapid integration into various applications. Even at low dosages, EcoLine® AL-Corr™ demonstrates remarkable efficacy, providing reliable protection against corrosion in a highly efficient manner.

Environmental Sustainability

In line with its commitment to environmental sustainability, EcoLine® AL-Corr™ is free from phosphates and nitrites, making it an eco-friendly choice that helps safeguard our precious ecosystems. A testament to its green credentials, the formulation of EcoLine® AL-Corr™ is sourced from renewable raw materials. It further reduces its carbon footprint and enhances its overall environmental performance.

Passed Quality Standards

Moreover, EcoLine® AL-Corr™ adheres to the strictest quality standards. It incorporates ingredients approved for use in personal care products and even food packaging materials. So, it’s an inhibitor at the same time safe for human exposure.

Biobased Composition

EcoLine® AL-Corr™ has impressive USDA-certified biobased content. It boasts an impressive 81% of renewable materials. This high biobased content signifies a significant commitment to sustainability and renewable resources, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious industries and companies.


Corrosion, the arch-nemesis of irrigation systems, can significantly hamper their longevity and performance. However, with EcoLine® AL-Corr™ at your disposal, these concerns become a thing of the past.

Powerful Corrosion Protection

By forming a robust barrier on the internal surfaces of aluminum pipes, it shields them from the harmful effects of corrosion. This advanced technology boasts an impressive track. It can reduce the corrosion rate by more than 90% even under challenging immersion conditions.

Reduction of Frequent Replacements

By significantly extending the service life of aluminum irrigation pipes, this innovative solution reduces the need for frequent replacements, thereby conserving valuable resources and reducing waste. Moreover, the remarkable efficiency of EcoLine® AL-Corr™ also results in substantial energy savings, making it an environmentally responsible choice for your irrigation system maintenance.


Ease of application is yet another appealing aspect of EcoLine® AL-Corr™. Add it to your irrigation water at a recommended dose rate of 250–500 ppm, and let its protective prowess take charge. With such straightforward integration, you can easily incorporate EcoLine® AL-Corr™ into your existing irrigation routine without disruptions or complex procedures.

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