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Cortec EcoLine® 3680 Biobased Open Atmosphere Corrosion Inhibitor

Cortec EcoLine® 3680 Biobased Open Atmosphere Corrosion Inhibitor

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This revolutionary coating is formulated with a selection of USDA-certified renewable, biobased and biodegradable raw materials.

EcoLine® 3680 is safe for equipment used in processing food. Its USDA certification guarantees that it meets stringent criteria for safety and environmental responsibility. It protects your equipment and will not contaminate food.

Once applied, EcoLine® 3680 forms a strong protective coating. It acts as a reliable barrier against corrosion-inducing elements. This film looks like a wax but is dry when you touch it. The inhibitor effectively shields the equipment from moisture, oxidation, and other environmental factors.


This cutting-edge corrosion inhibitor is formulated using biobased, renewable, and sustainable raw materials. It is an ideal choice for those seeking eco-friendly alternatives.


One of the outstanding features of EcoLine® 3680 is its versatility in offering reliable indoor and outdoor protection. Whether safeguarding valuable equipment in industrial settings or preserving metal structures in outdoor environments, this inhibitor excels in preventing corrosion effectively.

Multiple Metal Protection

Moreover, EcoLine® 3680 is specifically engineered to offer multimetal protection. This means it can be applied to various metal surfaces, safeguarding different metal alloys from the detrimental effects of corrosion, all while maintaining its impressive performance.

Commitment to Sustainable

EcoLine® 3680 takes its commitment to sustainability a step further by being USDA certified as a biobased product. This prestigious certification ensures tells environmentally-conscious consumers and industries that a significant portion of the inhibitor's composition comes from renewable sources.
In addition to its biobased nature, EcoLine® 3680 is also biodegradable. When the product reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can break down naturally, further reducing its ecological footprint.

Biobased Content

An important statistic to highlight is that EcoLine® 3680 contains an impressive 72% biobased content, making it a frontrunner in the realm of sustainable corrosion inhibitors. This high biobased percentage not only contributes to its eco-friendliness but also showcases the dedication of its developers to promoting a greener future.

Typical Applications

The unique properties of this inhibitor make it an excellent choice for the following applications:

Pipe Coating

EcoLine® 3680 is highly effective in protecting both internal and external surfaces of pipes used in industries such as oil and gas, water distribution, and chemical processing. Its biobased composition forms a durable and protective barrier. This barrier shields the pipes from corrosive elements present in the atmosphere or transport media. It ensures prolonged service life and reduces maintenance costs.

Parts Storage

During transportation and storage of metallic parts, exposure to humidity and moisture can lead to corrosion and compromise the integrity of the components. By applying EcoLine® 3680 as a protective coating on these parts, manufacturers and distributors can safeguard them from corrosive damage and ensure they remain in pristine condition until use.

Wire Rope

Wire ropes are commonly used in industries like construction, mining, and marine applications. These critical components are susceptible to rust and corrosion when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Incorporate EcoLine® 3680 in wire rope manufacturing to extend their lifespan and preserve their structural integrity.

Steel Plate

In various construction projects, steel plates are exposed to open atmospheric conditions, subjecting them to potential corrosion. EcoLine® 3680 provides an effective and sustainable solution for protecting steel plates from rust and corrosion.

Machine Parts

By applying EcoLine® 3680, you can shield these machined components from corrosive elements. The inhibitor ensures the longevity and optimal performance of the machinery or equipment they are used in.

Metals Protected

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • • Aluminum
  • Cast Iron


EcoLine 3680 can be applied using either a brush or spray method. For outdoor applications, it is advisable to achieve a minimum film thickness of 5-6 mils (125-150 microns), while for indoor use, a film thickness of 2-3 mils (50-70 microns).
EcoLine 3680 can be administered through either brushing or spraying. For outdoor applications, it is advisable to achieve a film thickness of at least 5-6 mils (125-150 microns), whereas, for indoor use, a film thickness of 2-3 mils (50-70 microns) is recommended.

Product Cleanup:

  • When cleaning equipment, opt for mineral spirits.
  • For removing overspray, consider using alkaline cleaners like VpCI-414. For best results, warm the cleaners to a temperature of 100-200°F (30-48°C).

Packaging & Storage

EcoLine 3680 comes in a variety of packaging options. You can choose from steel pails, totes, metal drums and bulk containers. The steel pails come in 5 gallons or 19 liter while totes, bulk containers and metal drums come in 55 gallons or 208 liters.
The product has a shelf life of 24 months when stored at a temperature of 75°F (24°C).

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