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Cortec Eco-Corr Film® ESD

Cortec Eco-Corr Film® ESD

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Eco-Corr Film® ESD is a recyclable and biodegradable outstanding performance film and bag.

It has anti-static & corrosion-inhibiting features designed to protect static-sensitive multi-metal products such as electronics. They have permanent anti-static qualities. The bags and films minimise or eliminate static accumulation immediately regardless of humidity levels. They also generate a coating that inhibits molecular corrosion on metal substrates without interfering with the physical or chemical properties of electronics. The film and bags replace traditional rust preventatives like oils and desiccants, allowing you to use your item right away without having to clean or degrease it. Eco-Corr Film® ESD is compostable.

When placed in a typical commercial composting environment,* Eco-Corr Film® ESD will dissolve in 2–3 months. The precise duration for films to decompose depends on the specific conditions and activities of the dumping area (such as soil quality, temperature, and microbial activity). Eco-Corr Film® ESD is stable even if stored for a period. It won't disintegrate prematurely unless discarded in a suitable decomposition environment.

Packaging & Storage

Sold in customised heat-sealable bags, tubing, and film. Thickness may range from 50 up to 120 microns. To guarantee optimal efficiency of the item, keep it in original packaging, inside, and out of exposure to sunlight. Room temperature should be at 4-38 °C.

Shelf life: 2 years


  • Protects empty spaces and hidden sections with Vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCI®).
  • Includes a permanent static-resistant chemical.
  • Does not impact optical features.
  • Has little effect on plastics used in the electronics sector.
  • Contains no free amines or hazardous Prop 65 chemicals.
  • Biodegradable packing film inhibits vapor, contact, and barrier corrosion.
  • Passed NACE TM0208-2008 corrosion prevention standard.
  • Passed German TL-8135-002 corrosion protection standard.
  • Completely replace non-biodegradable and low-quality mix films.
  • Static decay rate passes MIL-PRF-81705D standards.
  • PCB solder-ability passes IPC-J-STD-003C, Am1 (Edge Dip Solder ability Tests) criteria without any adverse consequences. 


Eco-Corr Film® ESD is a good option for wrapping static-sensitive electronics that are vulnerable to triboelectric charge corrosion and production. It is particularly useful for arranging printed circuit boards (PCB), integrated circuits, PCB components, electronic machines, telecommunications equipment, and electrical enclosures and panels.

* This product is meant to be decomposed at an industrial composting site following proper methods of management. These plants are not present in a lot of neighbourhoods. Check to discover whether such a facility exists in your area and if it can handle this particular item. Not appropriate for household composting.

Antistatic Properties

Military Standards: MIL-PRS-81705 Test Method No101C, Method 4046 International standard: IEC 61340-5-1

Surface Resistivity (Ohm/Sq)

Static Decay Rate (sec)

Limit 1.0 x 105 to 1.0 x 1012

Limit 2 seconds



+ 5000 Volts

- 5000 Volts

1,8 x 1010

2,0 x 1010




Mechanical Properties



Test Method


Eco-Corr® ESD

VpCI® 126 Blue



ASTM D6988




Breaking Factor


ASTM D882-02


30, 88

22, 77


24, 30

25, 74

Tensile Strength at Break



ASTM D882-02



19,1 6

18, 01


17, 29

19, 30

Elogation at Break


ASTM D882-02


320, 1

366, 2



578, 3

Tear Strength


ASTM D1922


7952, 64

1464, 96


3296, 16

6749, 28




ASTM D3420- 0495 B


19567, 68

9260, 64


1, 40

0, 80


Typical mechanical qualities are average laboratory values and are intended merely as guidelines, not standards. Film attributes are typical of blown film extruded at a 2.5:1 blowup ratio, however they vary depending on the operating conditions.


Product Specifications (.PDF)

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