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Cortec Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper

Cortec Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper

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Cortec Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper is specially designed packaging paper for precious metals like silver, gold, and tin, aiming to prevent tarnishing.

It features a unique composition: one side is coated to absorb H2S gas, indicated by a colour change from light green to darker hues when saturation occurs. On the other side, a corrosion inhibitor safeguards precious metals for up to two years or until discolouration is evident.

This innovative paper eliminates the necessity for coatings and tarnish removers typically used with precious metals, ensuring they maintain their original appearance post-packaging. Notably, Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper doesn't interfere with subsequent metal processing or alter physical properties such as conductivity or surface resistivity.

Packaging & Storage

Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper is offered in both standard and custom-sized rolls and sheets.

For optimal product performance, it is recommended to store it in its original packaging indoors, away from direct sunlight, within a temperature range of 40-100 °F (4-38 °C).

Shelf life: 2 years


  • Include a hydrogen sulfide absorber and saturation level indicator.
  • Provides effective defense against different harsh conditions, including moisture, H2S, SO2, and metallic corrosion caused by contrasting metals.
  • Combines tarnish prevention and packaging operations into a single step.
  • Ensures worker safety, as it includes no silicones, nitrites, chromates, phosphates, or other heavy metals.


Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper can safeguard products during transportation and storage in a variety of ways. Use the paper with VpCI for wrapping individual or numerous products.

  • Electrical parts and control systems.
  • Jewellery and other finished products.
  • Linings of precious metal cargo container.
  • Silver solder cable.

Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper is multicoloured. One part is green, while the other part is white. During wrapping, put the white part of the paper against the surface of the metal. The reverse, green side absorbs impurities, preventing them from reaching the metal's surface.

Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper is easy to apply. Wrap your metal products immediately after cleaning, but items must be entirely dry of any remaining water or moisture. Place the Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper as close to the metal's surface as possible, with no barrier between it and the metal. Wrap the corrosion-inhibiting paper across your metals. Fold the edges together to prevent free airflow. You can also insert strips of Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper between hollow regions of large packaging. These strips can become sheet liners or to serve as product separators. Upon application, the coating evaporates and reaches all metal surfaces. In an instant, the paper provides total corrosion inhibition. Many tarnish inhibitors must be removed after usage, but Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper eliminates this extra step.

Metals Protected

  • Gold.
  • Iron alloys.
  • Brass.
  • Tin.
  • Copper.
  • Silver.
  • Aluminum alloys .

Hydrogen Sulfide Cycling Test Results

(122 °F [50 °C]/16 hours, 77 °F [25 °C]/8 hours)

H2S Concentrate



Unprotected Silver

Heavy tarnish

Silver Protected with Corrosorber®

VpCI® Paper

No visible tarnish


Typical Properties





Corrosorber® VpCI® Paper

Basis Weight


lbs/3000 ft2 (g/m2)

40 (60)

Caliper (thickness)


mils (μm)

3.35 (85)

Tear - MD




Tear - CD












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