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Cortec Corrosorber®

Cortec Corrosorber®

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Cortec Corrosorber® absorbs sulfuric acid, reactive benzene, and other harmful pollutants in the air, thus eliminating metal degradation.

Its chemical makeup changes colour from off-white to black when corrosive gases are trapped.

Corrosorber® distinguishes itself from competing products by not impeding VpCI® protection and ensuring that the absorbed gases are permanently immobilised. This irreversible reaction minimises concerns about potential post-contamination because the gases are not discharged back into the environment.

Packaging & Storage of Cortec Corrosorber

Corrosorbers are sticky polymer objects with a permeable surface. They have a 2.3" (5.8 cm) width and a height of 1.27" (3.2 cm). Each piece has been meticulously wrapped and a maximum of 10 are offered per box.

Corrosorber emitters should be stored in their original packaging inside, away from direct sunlight, and between 40- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit (4 and 38 degrees Celsius) for best results.


  • Neutralises corrosive gases.
  • Safe for handling.
  • Colour transformation indicates depletion.
  • Ensures irreversible reaction, preventing post-contamination.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Simple and swift installation process.
  • Preserves electrical, optical, and mechanical surface integrity.
  • Provides protection during both operation and shutdown.
  • Compact, space-efficient, and inconspicuous design.

Typical Applications

  • Petrochemical facilities.
  • Plants with Water treatment process.
  • Facilities dealing with sulphurous crude oil.
  • Operations involving natural gas handling.
  • Pulp and paper mills.
  • Livestock and agricultural installations.
  • Electrical equipment in operation.
  • Marine communication & navigation systems.
  • Controls on aerospace electrical equipment.
  • Switching & electric motors equipment.
  • Power distribution & fuse boxes.
  • Medical apparatus.
  • Electrical terminal boxes & wireways.
  • Scientific & measurement instruments.
  • Telecommunications devices.
  • Remote electronic equipment.


Install the Corrosorber® promptly, preferably before shipping or upon receiving. Identify where corrosion protection might be beneficial and apply it with self-adhesive backing. Remove the item as soon as it becomes grey.

In-use temperature: 32-140 °F (0-60 °C).

Typical Conditions:

• 10ft3 (283.2 L) enclosure.
• 1 ppm of hydrogen sulfide.
• 1 air change on a daily basis.

Product Specifications (.PDF)

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