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Cortec CorrLube™ VpCI® Lithium EP Grease

Cortec CorrLube™ VpCI® Lithium EP Grease

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CorrLube Lithium Grease is a cutting-edge grease that provides unparalleled oxidative resistance. It ensures exceptional performance under various conditions.

This advanced formulation boasts remarkable stability even at high temperatures, making it an ideal choice for demanding industrial applications.

Whether during active operations or periods of equipment storage, this VpCI grease delivers unwavering reliability. Its versatility allows its effective use during layup conditions and regular operation, saving you the hassle of switching greases based on usage scenarios.

This VpCI Grease has protecting metal parts from saltwater, H2S, HCl, brine, and other corrosive components. It ensures your equipment remains protected even in harsh and corrosive environments.

Packaging & Storage for EP Grease

CorrLube EP grease is a premium lubricant that provides exceptional protection against corrosion and wear in various applications. This high-performance grease is available in two convenient packaging options: 14.5-ounce cartridges, 12 cartridges neatly packed in each carton, and 5-gallon (19-liter) pails.

It is essential to follow proper storage guidelines. Store the grease in its original packaging indoors. To further maintain its quality, keep the product away from direct sunlight. The recommended storage temperature range is between 40 and 100 °F (4-38 °C). Shelf life is 2 years.


This VpCI Grease offers a host of advantages that make it a superior choice for various applications.

  • Cleaner application, which reduces the dripping and spattering of the lubricant
  • Advanced grease formulation which provides exceptional lubrication for extended periods
  • Reduced need for frequent reapplication
  • Improvement in the effectiveness of seals, helping to keep contaminants at bay
  • Maintains its lubricating properties even during periods of equipment rest
  • Prevents issues on dry starts
  • Reduces overall friction and wear
  • Aid in the suspension of solids, further enhancing their lubrication capabilities
  • Excellent performance under high temperatures, high pressures, low speeds with high pressures, or shock loading

Typical Applications

Some of the typical applications excels include:

  • Lubricating Sleeves. CorrLube™ VpCI® Grease ensures smooth and efficient operation of sleeves, preventing wear and enhancing their overall lifespan.
  • Ball and Roller Bearings. This specialised grease provides exceptional lubrication to the ball and roller bearings. It reduces friction and protects against corrosion. As a result, it extends bearing life and enhances performance.
  • Vehicle / Equipment Chassis. CorrLube™ VpCI® Lithium Grease is an excellent choice for lubricating chassis components, ensuring their smooth movement and safeguarding them against corrosion caused by exposure to environmental elements.
  • Fan Bearings. When applied to fan bearings, this grease not only reduces noise but also protects against rust and wear, maintaining optimal fan performance and reliability.
  • Bushings. CorrLube EP Lithium Grease effectively lubricates bushings, reducing friction and preventing surface damage, which is crucial for their efficient operation.
  • Pulley Bearing. Pulley bearings can benefit from the superior lubrication and anti-corrosion properties of CorrLube™ VpCI® Lithium EP Grease, ensuring smooth rotation and preventing downtime due to wear-related failures.
  • Sliding High-Friction Areas. In applications with high-friction areas, such as sliding mechanisms, CorrLube minimises friction and wear, thereby extending the service life of critical components.
  • Generator End Bearings. The high-performance characteristics of this grease make it an excellent choice for lubricating generator end bearings, offering protection against rust and wear during the generator's operation.

Overall, CorrLube™ VpCI® Grease proves to be an indispensable asset in numerous industrial settings. It improves the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of diverse equipment and machinery. Its ability to combine lubrication with advanced corrosion protection makes it a reliable choice for demanding applications, especially if uptime is important.

Method of Application

You can use a brush, grease gun, or automatic applicator. Avoid using with bare hands and make sure to wear protective gear when using. Although the grease is resistant to high or low temperatures, take note of the temperature range for it to be effective. The temperature range should be between -22 and 266 °F or -30 to 130 °C.

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