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Cortec Cor-Pak VpCI® Bubbles

Cortec Cor-Pak VpCI® Bubbles

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Cortec Cor-Pak VpCI® Bubbles is a revolutionary packaging solution that comes in customised rolls, sheets, or heat-sealable bags. It protects delicate and sensitive components while in storage or transit.

These innovative bubbles combine the power of Corrosion Inhibitors with VpCI cushioning materials to ensure protection.

This advanced technology can safeguard metals without leaving any undesirable contaminants. Thus, it protects your components from physical damage and potential corrosion, even during long-term storage or transportation.

These static dissipative bubbles go beyond protecting your electronic equipment that is sensitive to any damage. They possess the remarkable capability to neutralise and prevent the build-up of triboelectric charge that causes electrostatic damage during handling and shipping.

This packaging material stands out as a simple, safe, and highly effective solution that offers unique cushioning, corrosion protection, and VpCI technology for multimetal protection. Its compatibility with subsequent processing, non-metallic materials, and electronic components makes it a versatile choice with a focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Method of Application for Cortec Cor-Pak VpCI® Bubbles 

Carefully place the product for packaging either through wrapping or inside a heat-sealable bag. Once within the confines of the bubbles, the VpCI is released, providing the necessary protection for the metal component.
The VpCI vapor navigates through the air, reaching and coating all exposed metal surfaces with a thin but formidable protective layer. This layer acts as a shield against corrosion and environmental elements, ensuring the long-term integrity of the components.


  • User-Friendly and Safe. One of the key advantages is its simplicity and safety in usage. The application process is straightforward, ensuring that even inexperienced users can handle it effectively without any risks.
  • Unique Cushioning and Corrosion Protection. Cor-Pak VpCI Bubbles offer a distinct combination of cushioning and corrosion protection, making them stand out among conventional solutions. This unique feature ensures that sensitive and valuable items are not only shielded from physical damage but also safeguarded against harmful corrosion.
  • Advanced Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) Technology. The use of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) technology is a game-changer. This cutting-edge technology provides comprehensive protection to multiple types of metals, ensuring they remain corrosion-free for extended periods.
  • Uninterrupted Processing Compatibility. The packaging product excels in facilitating post-application processes, such as painting, welding, cleaning, soldering, and more. The VpCI vapor does not interfere with these subsequent procedures, saving time and effort during the production and assembly stages.
  • Safe for Non-Metallic Materials. Not only does the product shield metal components, but it also showcases its versatility by having no adverse effects on non-metallic materials. Whether it's plastics, optics, elastomers, or other non-metallic elements, they remain unaffected and unharmed in the presence of Bubbles.
  • Effective Protection for Electronic Components. Cor-Pak Bubbles with VpCI provide an extra layer of protection against triboelectric charge generation. This special feature makes this product an excellent choice for the packaging of sensitive electronic components, ensuring their integrity during transit and storage.
  • Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly. In addition to its remarkable protective capabilities, the packaging material is also known for being environmentally responsible. Its formulation prioritises sustainability, making it a preferred choice for companies and individuals looking to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Long-Lasting Results. Cor-Pak VpCI Bubbles offer long-lasting protection against both physical damage and corrosion. This durability translates into cost savings and reduced maintenance requirements, making it a cost-effective solution for various industries.
  • Customisable Applications. Since Cor-Pak VpCI Bubbles come in sheets, rolls, or sealable bags, you can tailor your packaging needs to meet specific requirements. Whether it's for large-scale industrial applications or small-scale personal use, its versatility ensures it can be applied in various settings, addressing a wide range of needs.
  • Industry Recognition

The VpCi Bubbles have received widespread recognition in various industries for their performance and reliability. Its track record of success and positive feedback from users cement its position as a dependable solution for protection and preservation needs.

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