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Cortec Cor-Pak® VpCI® Anti-static Stretch Film

Cortec Cor-Pak® VpCI® Anti-static Stretch Film

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Cor-Pak VpCI® Anti-static Stretch Film exceeds the stringent anti-static requirements outlined in MIL-B-81705C. This high-performance stretch film can protect various metals from corrosion and electronic parts from electrostatic discharge.

One of the primary challenges with plastic film is its inherent poor electrical conductivity and high risk of static discharge. However, the Cor-Pak VpCI Anti-static Stretch Film is designed to tackle this issue effectively.

The development of this specialty film is the result of dedicated research and expertise from Cortec Laboratories. Their in-depth understanding of the specific needs of industries such as electronics, munitions, fertilisers, and various other industrial applications has driven them to create this groundbreaking solution.

Features of Stretch Film

Packed with a plethora of advanced features, this stretch film is a game-changer in the packaging industry.

  • Static Discharge Dissipation: The Cor-pak VpCI Anti-static Stretch Film effectively dissipates static charges, ensuring your products remain safe and functional during transit and storage.
  • Corrosion Control: With its cutting-edge VpCI (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) technology, this stretch film acts as a formidable shield against corrosion. Your products will be shielded from the harmful effects of moisture, humidity, and corrosive elements, guaranteeing their longevity and quality.
  • High-Performance Stretch Film: Engineered to outperform conventional stretch films, Cor-pak VpCI Anti-static Stretch Film boasts unrivalled tensile strength and elongation properties. Its exceptional load-holding capability secures your products in place during transportation, eliminating the risk of damage due to shifting.
  • Safety in Hazardous Environments: The Cor-pak VpCI Anti-static Stretch Film is designed to excel even in the most hazardous environments. Whether it's extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, or harsh atmospheric conditions, this stretch film stands strong, ensuring your products remain intact and well-protected.
  • See-Through Packaging: This not only streamlines your inventory management but also enhances the end-user experience. Your customers can see the items immediately. No unwrapping to check products.
  • Cost-Effective System: Investing in the Cor-pak VpCI Anti-static Stretch Film translates to cost savings in the long run. By extending the shelf life of your products and reducing the risk of damage during handling, this stretch film optimises your supply chain, leading to overall cost-effectiveness.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Contributing to sustainable practices, this stretch film is made from LLDPE #2 Plastic, making it fully recyclable. Reduce your carbon footprint and demonstrate your commitment to environmental stewardship with every packaging choice.
  • Non-Toxic Formulation: The safety of your products and end-users is of utmost importance. The Cor-pak VpCI Anti-static Stretch Film is crafted with a non-toxic formulation, ensuring there are no harmful effects on your products or the environment.
  • Multi-Functional Protection: From shielding against static discharges to providing superior corrosion protection, this stretch film is truly multi-functional. Embrace the convenience of an all-in-one packaging solution that meets your diverse needs effortlessly.

Benefits of Using vpCI Anti-static stretch film

  • Standard Compliant: Cor-pak vpCI Anti-static stretch film complies with the stringent MIL-B-81705C standard, ensuring proven multi-metal corrosion protection.
  • Superior Corrosion Protection: Your valuable assets and products are shielded from corrosive elements throughout the supply chain.
  • Unmatched Stretchability: This film has an incredible 300% pre-stretch capability (400% yield) allowing optimal material usage.
  • Static-free Performance: Cor-pak vpCI Anti-static stretch film effectively eliminates static buildup, minimising potential damage to sensitive electronic components or products.
  • Enhanced Security and Control: The stretch film enables easily identifying any tampering or damage during visual inspection ensuring a sense of security and control over the contents.
  • Cost-effective Solution: You can eliminate the need for additional costly barrier packaging while maintaining top-notch protection.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Reduce your environmental footprint without compromising on quality or performance since this film is fully recyclable.
  • Compatibility with Surface Properties: This stretch film does not interfere with the electrical, optical, or mechanical properties of the packaged items.


Cor-Pak VpCI Anti-static stretch film finds numerous applications in the packaging industry.

  • Sensitive electronic devices like computers, servers, routers, and telecommunications equipment
  • Scientific Precision Instruments
  • Electrical components and panels
  • Medical Devices prone to electrical interference
  • Aerospace, Marine, and Military Instruments
  • Packaging and Storage of Munitions
  • Industries dealing with gun powders and finished explosives
  • Environments Requiring Absence of Electrical Shock
  • Manufacturers of plants fertiliser that have nitrites and nitrates 

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