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Hawo HD 650 D/DE/DC EcoPak® Continuous Medical Device Heat Sealer

Hawo HD 650 D/DE/DC EcoPak® Continuous Medical Device Heat Sealer

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Hawo hd 650 D/DE/DC EcoPak® Medical Device Heat Sealer for the continuous sealing of sealable packaging in accordance with ISO 11607 part 1.

This EcoPak HD 650 continuous sealing machine platform is the next generation in premium economy medical device sealers from Hawo.

The EcoPak® continuous band sealing machine platforms is a leap ahead in the premium economy class of professional medical sealers. Suitable for sealing both pouches and reels this high capacity band sealer offers the optimal sealing performance & safety standards you would expect from a Hawo bagging machine for less spend.

The machine features a convenient in feed plate in order to feed the bags into the welding seam for continuous sealing.

There a three standard versions of this machine platform including the hd 650 D, hd 650 DE and the hd 650 DC with various features and modifications to suit every project demand.

Features of the EcoPak® hd 650 continuous sealing

  • Flexibility – All devices in the EcoPak 650 range are suitable for sealing a variety of flexible packaging materials including sealable paper & foil bags in accordance withISO 11607 part 1 & EN 868 5 for sealable pouches and reels.
  • Operation – Innovative micro processor temperature controller allows for easy operation. The EcoPak platform can almost be considered maintenance free as it is incredibly easy to clean with it’s coated surface finish.
  • Safety – Safety for a machine like this means patient safety also. Exact temperatures, contact pressures and sealing speeds are guaranteed to be consistent and optimal with this device. The machine will automatically switch itself off if the sealing temperature is not within tolerance giving you further reassurance of finished seal quality.
  • Efficiency – The 650 features a high sealing output thanks to a band sealer that is able to run at 10 mtr/min (393″/min). DE & DC models also have an auto stop/start function.
  • Sustainability – The new range of EcoPak machines not only place great importance on design but also sustainability. This machine consumes only 160 watts – far more efficient that other devices.

Integrated Printer for HD650

The HD 650 DC model comes equipped with a integrated printer so that important information like sterilisation dates, lot numbers, batch codes and ID’s can be directly printed to the porous material side. This platform can further be enhanced with the Hawo IntelligentScan technology barcode system for limitless configurations.

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